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BLACK WIDOW: First Review Leaks Both Post Credits Scene, Taskmaster’s Identity & More | FULL BREAKDOWN | HEAVY SPOILERS

Black Widow Post Credits Scene Leaked

A lot of leaks have just broken the internet about the Black Widow Movie.

These were posted by someone who has apparently seen the film and it stands as the first review on the movie.

This article we’ll be covering what happens in the post credits scene, who Taskmaster really is and what the user thought of the film overall.

There’s tonnes of spoilers in it so if you don’t want anything about the movie potentially ruined then I highly recommend that you turn off now.

As with all leaks these should be taken with a pinch of but these do line up with prior leaks and you know we don’t like to report on stuff unless we’re sure there’s a lot of truth with it.

With that out the way I just wanna give a huge thank you for clicking this, now let’s get into our breakdown of the Black Widow spoilers.

Black Widow Plot Leak

The review comes from an anonymous user on 4chan that says they were part of a focus group that was shown the film. They didn’t know in advance what it would be but this is the movie they got to see.

Some effects were not fully finished but it gave an overall feeling of the entire film.

The user said that they were pleasantly surprised by the film and that it’s basically a Mission Impossible sequel with Black Widow replacing Ethan Hunt. They said it works better than you’d expect.

In regards to the plot, there are apparently a lot of similarities.

According to the user, Widow has been Excommunicated and is being hunted by the government. She has to do the usual get this thing so that life can go back to normal, oh no there’s a grander conspiracy, save the world, give the thing to your sister, deal with the consequences, peace out.

That thing is a flash drive which pops up in the post-credits scene but yeah that was their plot summary in a nutshell.

Robert Downey Jr Cameo

We now know that the Robert Downey Junior scene is right at the beginning of the movie and this pretty much kick starts the entire thing. It opens with Tony Stark telling Natasha that after breaking the Sokovia Accords that the government is gonna come after her harder than the other avengers because of her history.

They know she’s dangerous, they know she has the ability to go rogue and will fight to the death by any means necessary.

This warning from Stark helps her get a head start and it’s from here that she travels to Budapest which is where the movie predominantly takes place.

Who Taskmaster Really Is

The user said all of the action involving the skull guy (Taskmaster? Idk he doesn’t have a supervillain name in the movie) was dope.

They then went on to say that he is Black Widows ex which is obvious but it’s pulled off well enough.

The 4chan writer clarified this later in the review by saying that the character was OT Fagbenle and this also lines up with earlier leaks that said the characters were one and the same.

For those of you who don’t know, Taskmaster is actually a master martial artist that is able to mimic his opponent’s moves massively. This makes him almost impossible to fight and he can pretty much counter everything that you throw at him.

Now if you look at the upcoming merchandise for the film, it may be possible that the character has already started copying some of the big names in the MCU.

Black Widow Taskmaster Toy Black Panther

More Black Widow Leaks

The user said that Rachel Weisz is the big bad of it all and that Florence Pugh and Taskmaster are both working for General Ross.

This yet again lines up with the leaks that made their way to the internet last year and though it is possible that the user could’ve scoured the internet piecing this all together it does at least mirror what we’ve heard so far.

Whilst they praised the film in a lot of ways, that doesn’t mean it was an overly positive review.

Red Guardian

The user said that David Harbour was the worst part of the film and that he was super cheesy and forced to deliver quips none stop that didn’t really work.

They said that Red Guardian, who Harbour plays dies during the movie and though it’s played for tears this was actually a welcome goodbye.

They complimented the action for most of the movie saying that a lot of the hand to hand fights all worked and felt real and grounded.

However, the user said that like most MCU movies the end is just none stop CGI and that there is a big helicopter onslaught that is just a mess of effects.

We do know that there is going to be a big helicopter part in the film due to the toys and so on so yeah, this is going to be happening for the finale of the movie.

Black Widow Post Credits Scene Leaked

Black Widow Cameos

Walton Goggins also has a cameo, as well as Nick Fury and Hawkeye which we will get into just a bit. The user said that some of the Cameo’s work a little better than others and that the opening with Robert Downey Junior felt a bit like Leia in Rise Of Skywalker, which is funny because he’s not dead in real life.

They said there’s a reoccurring joke about a chest of drawers that is hilarious.

The user said that they didn’t hate the film and that they gave it…


Black Widow Review

So yeah pretty good score, I think for the casual viewer that’s what I would expect them to rate it as. They didn’t seem that knowledgeable about the MCU and kept calling Taskmaster Skull Guy so maybe if you’re a more hardcore fan the film will be a lot better as I’m really looking forward to it.

The user then went on to answer questions about the post-credits scene which we will get into a bit.

Post Credits Scene

The film closes out with two post-credits scenes that both take place after the events of Avengers: Endgame. The first one follows Florence Pugh’s character Yelena and Taskmaster who are meeting with General Ross to give him the flash drive that is the big MacGuffin of the film.

Ross tells them that they’re just getting started and then they cut to black on a tease of the Thunderbolts.

This lines up a lot with behind the scene images that we saw of William Hurt in which he had been clearly aged up. Hurt looks old, hella old so it looks like he survived the snap and then aged normally from the events of Infinity War.

I did a full video on this and did get some people saying that maybe he is just old now but yeah, they’ve clearly applied makeup as Hurt didn’t look like this at all in 2019 when they were putting together the film.

There are rumors that Ross will go on to be Red Hulk and the thunderbolts will be the next film but according to the user this doesn’t confirm or deny it.

However, due to Ross’ age and his affiliation and study of the Hulk, you can see how he would think that this is a chance at the fountain of youth that will save him from the frailty and old age that he is now suffering from.

The Thunderbolts are a big part of the Marvel Universe and I’m glad that Taskmaster survives as he is a character that is a big lynchpin of a lot of things so yeah, he deserves more movies as a character.

Hawkeye Post Credits Scene

The final Credits scene is the cameo of Jeremy Renner and once more this takes place after Endgame. The user said they could tell that this was the present because he was tatted up. I hope he has the best haircut ever put to a movie because we defs need more of that mohawk.

The scene doesn’t tease a return of Natasha and it actually seems that it closes the book on the character with Hawkeye being stood at her grave with his kids.

So yeah, if these leaks are true, we won’t be getting a return of ScarJo.

Unless of course the movie makes 3 billion dollars or something and they realise that they need her back.

Personally I think the door is always open to resurrect the character as she died on Voromir and though Hulk tried to bring her back if he did bring her back to life she would still be stuck on that planet.

We also know that Steve returned the soul stone so he may have been able to trade it for her sacrifice.

We don’t know for definite but yeah there are a couple of things that could leave the door open for him to come back but as of now, if these leaks are true it doesn’t look like she will be back anytime soon.

I am pretty happy with how the film sounds though, it seems to have a lot going for it and yeah, lots of nice cameos, reveals and it sets up some good things for the future. Who knows, one of the unannounced films of Phase 4 may be thunderbolts…fingers crossed for that.

Your Thoughts

Now obviously I’d love to hear your thoughts on the leaks and if you think they’re true or not. Comment below and let me know!

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