BLACK WIDOW: Trailer Breakdown | All Easter Egg...

BLACK WIDOW: Trailer Breakdown | All Easter Eggs, Things You Missed, Plot Leaks And Fan Theories Explained

black widow plot leak breakdown everything we know so far full movie spoilers leaked information and cameos post credits scene natasha lives

Welcome to the Heavy Spoilers show, I’m your host Deffinition aka your friendly Neighbourhood Spoilerman and today Disney finally dropped the Black Widow trailer that feels like a big ScarYes rather than a huge ScarNo….I’m sorry, the puns can’t all be good.

Throughout this video we’re gonna be breaking down everything you need to know about the first look, the easter eggs, things you missed and some of the best fan theories from the internet for things that could be happening in the movie.

If we’re right there’s gonna be heavy spoilers here, so if you don’t want anything about the movie potentially ruined then I highly suggest that you turn off now. We’ll be showing some behind the scenes footage too so there may be somethings you don’t want to know in the video.

Hey, this is the heavy spoilers show, you know what to expect, it’s ya boy.

With that out the way I just wanna give a huge thank you for clicking this video, now lets breakdown everything that you need to know about the Black Widow trailer.

Black Widow Trailer Breakdown

Ok so the trailer actually contains a lot of footage from the Comic-Con trailer that was shown earlier in the year at SDCC.

It opens with our hero and kinda recounts all of her appearances over the last 23 MCU movies. Is it a bird, is it a plane, is it a tree? No it’s Scarlett Johanssen and she’s back.

Incase you don’t know, Black Widow is taking place for the most part right after the events of Civil War. Widow has just broken the Sokovia Accords by helping Captain America and thus she’s on the run. I say for the most part because there were recently behind the scenes photos leaked that showed a much older General Ross. Therefore it’s safe to assume that this scene at least takes place after the events of Avengers Endgame as Hurt is a lot younger looking in Civil War which this film follows right after.

We do see Ross looking massively deaged in the trailer so it is possible that this shot was also for this moment but I dunno something about it just seems werid.

Now this could either show that Widow is alive or that he is building a new taskforce with one of the characters in this trailer, most namely the group Thunderbolts with Yelena Belova who we see in this teaser.

I have seen some people say that Hurt is a lot older now but yeah, he doesn’t look like this in 2019 so he’s clearly been aged up.

Oh, you wanna talk about the trailer?


Ok, so the footage opens with an establishing shot of Budapest and then a montage of a lot of the previous appearances of Black Widow in the MCU. This covers her entire catalog and it’s crazy looking back at just how much the character has actually been in.

Johanssen then speaks over the top of the clips and says:

‘I used to have nothing, then I got this job, this family. I was better because of it. I’ve made a mistake, I can’t go back.’

Widow is clearly on the run after the events of Civil War and Ross is hot on her tail.

We then get an establishing shot of Budapest which if of course the infamous mission that has been name-dropped in pretty much every Marvel movie that Widow has appeared in. However, this is the second time she’s been there as the first time that she visited the country was before the events of The Avengers, though this could be a flashback.

Finally, we get a clip of what could happen in this mission and Widow walks into an old, run-down apartment with her gun drawn. She cautiously takes the corners and then hears a voice say ‘I know you’re out there’ to which she replies ‘I know you know, so do you want to talk like grown-ups?’

This is, of course, the usual back and forth banter that Widow has with her allies and after she turns a corner she sees Yelena Belova played by Florence Pugh who also has a gun drawn.

black widow plot leak breakdown everything we know so far full movie spoilers leaked information and cameos post credits scene natasha lives

Widow Vs Yelena

Pugh questions if they are really grown-ups and both refuse to lower their weapons. They begin sparring and both mirror one another and manage to disarm the other so that they both end up with their opposites gun.

They spar again to the same outcome only this time getting back their own weapons and then a bigger fight between the two begins. Widow uses a towel to smash Yelena into a sink and wraps it around her throat and mouth and tries to choke her. From here it’s like a fight ripped straight out of a Jason Bourne movie with both characters using whatever they can get their hands on to defeat the other.

Yelena grabs a knife and comes at Widow but she blocks it and both end up on the kitchen floor with each of them choking the other with a curtain. They both pass out and we then cut to Widow pouring a drink and she says ‘Good to see you too sis.’

Now they aren’t actually sisters it’s just that they were raised by the same shadowy organisation named Vostokoff and thus they have this connection with one another. We also see a third agent in the trailer with them so this could be Widow calling on more of her allies, it may be Rachel Weisz character who is apparently their old mentor who personally I believe is the villain and she could working alongside them before she betrays them.

We do see her pop up later in the trailer wearing a similar costume so I definitely think that this is her. Hey, Captain Obvious here .

Widow is seen in her white costume and then we once more see the group that trained widow running other young females through the same process.

Red Guardian played by David Harbour then pops up and he’s basically a Russian version of Captain America that lost his way due to living the high life. He’s sort of become an alcoholic like your dad’s best mate, you know the one and now he has to really get back into it with the family that have come together.

Again though, yeah I think that Weisz is secretly a double agent and this is how Taskmaster is able to stalk them throughout the trailer, we see him fighting against the characters, namely Red Guardian who he quite easily bests.


From here we get a montage of Widow running through a mountain range with agents chasing her. She dives off a collapsing structure and Taskmaster follows her.

He feels a lot like the Terminator in some ways and is near unstoppable by the looks of it.

Natasha and Yelena are pursued by Taskmaster, a mercenary affiliated with Vostokoff, who is capable of mimicking his opponents’ fighting patterns.

This makes him near unstoppable and thus he provides a massive match for them. Now according to the leaks To face him, Natasha and Yelena recruit their “brother” Red Guardian and this looks like it lines up a lot with what we get here.

This is rumored to be played by OT Fagbenele who is also supposedly playing a character known as Rick Mason who is an ex flame of Widow. He’s apparently going to be popping up throughout the movie giving them assistance but he’s also after them. Whether that turns out to be true we will see but it makes a lot of sense going off what we have so far.

Black Widow Plot Leaks

Now as per usual, we do have a lot of plot leaks on the movie and I’m just gonna be breaking down the main one that we have right now. This kinda lines up with events in the trailer so I thought I’d discuss it.

Action scenes include Natasha and Yelena fighting in a rundown apartment; Natasha and Yelena fleeing on a motorcycle while Taskmaster chases them in an armored tank; Natasha and Yelena breaking Alexei out of a gulag; and Natasha infiltrating the Red Room headquarters and fighting Vostokoff in a laboratory.

Flashbacks chronicle Natasha’s childhood, training, escape and eventual recruitment by SHIELD.

Cameos include William Hurt as Secretary Thaddeus Ross and Robert Downey Jr. as Tony Stark, in a deleted scene where he urges Natasha to run. Jeremy Renner is also rumored to appear as Hawkeye.

Suits include the standard suit, a white stealth suit for snowy environment and a reinforced combat suit.

The main plot twist is that Mason is Taskmaster.

Movie ends with Natasha reconnecting with Steve Rogers and Sam Wilson.

Movie sets up Yelena as the new Black Widow in the MCU. She is more morally ambiguous than Natasha, setting up a new dynamic. Now this leak was actually dropped in September and it lines up massively with what we see here. I do think that it’s true but hey, it is a leak so take it with a pinch of salt.

Black Widow Trailer Reaction

But what did I think of the trailer overall? Well I definitely think it feels like a nice tonal shift for the mcu that feels a lot more like an action movie in line with things like the Winter Soldier rather than what you’d get from the typical MCU affair. It fits really well with the character I think and I’m so glad that we are actually getting a proper fully fledged Black Widow movie in which we can learn about her past, allies and the things that really made her who she is.

This is a great watch and though the De-Aging on General Ross looks absolutely terrible, they do have some time to tidy it up so I can see it working really well when it’s released.

There’s somethings that were changed up from the Comic-Con footage debut, however on the whole this looks like a good step forward and though some of the greenscreen is a bit hit and miss they have ample time to work on it and really get things nailed down.

Going forward I’m probably most excited for this film from the MCU lineup next year as I’m still a bit unsure about The Eternals but this is a really good entry and hey, looking forward to it massively. Hopefully this video pointed out some things you missed and yeah, roll on 2020.

Your Thoughts

Obviously I’d love to hear your thoughts on the trailer and if you have any theories surrounding it. Comment below and let me know!

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