The Blackcoat’s Daughter Explained + Donn...

The Blackcoat’s Daughter Explained + Donnie Darko & Slenderman Fan Theory

Blackcoats Daughter Explained And Donnie Darko Fan Theory

The Blackcoat’s Daughter Story Synopsis and Plot Explanation

Watch my explanation of The Blackcoat’s Daughter, pointing out the twists as well as the ending. I also explain the Donnie Darko fan theory that is prevalent on the internet a long with my analysis of the ties with the Catholic Church.

Plot Synopsis

The Blackcoat’s Daughter is a sinister tale of demonic possession and murder. Whilst starting off slow the movie slowly intensifies the more it goes on and by the end becomes very twisted and depraved. Due to the way that the film manipulates time and recasts characters it can be quite hard to follow. I thought I’d just put together a little plot synopsis, explaining the film and also give my theory towards what I think the film means.

The film follows Rose and Kat, students at a prestigious boarding school who are preparing to be picked up by their parents. Kat has a premonition in which she sees her parents horribly smashed car and begins to worry that her parents may never arrive. Rose worries that she may be pregnant and delays her parent’s arrival in order to tell her boyfriend.

After never being picked up on the final day of school, both students must remain in the boarding dormitory until their parents arrive. Rose sneaks out, informing her boyfriend that she may be pregnant and will be getting a termination if this is the case. Upon returning to the school she travels down to the basement where she sees Kat performing a ritualistic prayer beside an open furnace.

Meanwhile, a girl named Joan arrives in upstate New York and whilst waiting for a bus is greeted by Bill, someone who offers her a ride much to the anger of his wife.

Joan awakens in a hotel room. She takes a shower and a bullet scar can be seen on her shoulder. In a flashback, a police officer shoots a rifle. Bill knocks and tells Joan the reason he picked her up is because she reminds him of someone. He invites her to have dinner with him at the restaurant next door, where he shows Joan a picture of Rose, who is revealed to be his daughter. Joan excuses herself and goes to the bathroom where she giggles and has a memory of killing a woman and stealing her identification card. Joan sees Bill talking to a cop and steals a knife from a bus tray. Bill tells her they have to hit the road to beat an impending storm and Joan goes to the car where Linda is waiting. Linda tells Joan that Bill sees Rose in every young girl but that she doesn’t see Rose in Joan at all.

The Blackcoat's Daughter Explained

Back at the school, Kat tells Rose that her parents are not coming, at dinner Kat begins vomiting and when a chaperone tries to comfort her she lashes out and murders them.

When Mr. Gordon arrives at the house, he is accompanied by a police officer — the same officer in Joan’s flashback. Upon entering the house, Mr. Gordon grasps his face in horror. In a flashback, Kat is seen answering the payphone and hears a gravely voice on the other end, which she calls “Dad.” It tells her that her parents aren’t coming, and to kill everyone. Later, Kat is seen stabbing the two chaperones to death. While one of the victims crawls along the floor, mortally wounded, Kat casually walks upstairs, returns with two pillowcases, then finishes the job. Rose goes to the bathroom and gets her period, sighing in relief. She hears someone enter the bathroom but then leave. When she goes to the dorm stairwell she sees two bloody heads wrapped in pillowcases and hurries back to the hall. Kat appears and stabs Rose to death before decapitating her.

The police officer finds Kat in the boiler room, kneeling in front of the lit boiler and surrounded by the heads of her three victims. She stands and begins to yell “Hail Satan!” When she fails to drop the knife, the cop shoots her.

Joan is in the car with Bill and Linda. Linda reveals to Joan that Rose was brutally murdered nine years earlier and decapitated. Joan says she’s going to be sick and Bill pulls over. Joan then slashes Bill’s throat and stabs Linda to death. She cuts off their heads and puts them in a suitcase which she carries to the boarding school, now all boarded up.

Father Brien visits Kat in the psych ward and performs an exorcism. Kat seems to see a shadowed, demonic figure; she asks it to stay with her, but it disappears. Joan, now revealed to be an older Kat, enters the boiler room with the suitcase only to find the boiler dark and cold. She exits the school and looks back at it as she begins to sob.

My Fan Theory

There is a lot to take in and certainly no clear answer. Whilst the film centres around demonic possession I actually think it may be a metaphor for how the Catholic Church demonises young girls. Rose states that if she is pregnant she will get an abortion. Something which Catholics do not agree with and the two Chaperones that are murdered are rumoured to be Devil worshippers. Once again something that they church does not agree with…for obvious reasons. I have also seen theories that the film is similar to Donnie Darko. Both contain demonic bunny eared villains that will the protagonist to do things. I can sort of see this. Both the characters seem to go along with the devilish plots without resistance so there are certainly similarities there.

It would be interesting to hear if you have any theories, I’d love to hear them so comment below whether you agree or not.

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