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BRAHMS The Boy 2 Ending Explained Breakdown | Full Movie Spoiler Talk Review + What Is Really Going On With The Doll

brahms the boy 2 ending explained spoiler talk review breakdown

This article we’re breaking down The Boy 2.

The first film had some very mixed reviews but personally I enjoyed it and I found the twist to be a fun one that has stuck with me long since seeing it.

Clearly the movie had a following too as the sequel was quickly pushed into production. Initially, it was supposed to be released in July last year however for whatever reason the studio decided to push it back.

Was there a good reason for this or does the studio have a hit on their hands?

Well throughout this, we’re gonna be breaking down the film and giving our thoughts on its plot and ending.

There will be heavy spoilers here so if you haven’t had a chance to see the movie yet and don’t want anything ruined then I highly recommend that you turn off now.

With that out the way huge thank you for checking out the video, now let’s get into our breakdown of The Boy 2.

The Boy 2 Plot Recap

In contrast to the first film, The Boy 2 delves highly into the supernatural and where the prior movie explained everything away with the story of a man who lived in the walls of a house, this dives deeply into the occult.

The movie centers around Liza played by Katie Holmes, her husband Sean and their son Jude. Jude is at that point where he’s too old to still be sleeping with Teddys but after a traumatic home invasion that he witnesses, the boy becomes a mute.

His main method of communication becomes a notepad and Liza suffers from violent dreams due to a head injury that she suffered during the attack.

Jude has regressed into a shell and with his mother’s mental state collapsing life becomes difficult.

It’s a really interesting way to start the movie and not to give too much away but it’s probably the scariest thing in the film for me. I always find the idea of someone breaking into your house at night to be far more terrifying than ghosts and ghouls.

This is also clearly the case with Liza who can’t escape the horrible thing that happened to her.

In order to get away and hopefully fix their problems, the family decides to move. This sends them to the guest house of the Heelshire’s property which is set on the grounds of the same location as the first film.

Whilst out in the woods they come across the main manor and Jude discovers the doll Brahms buried there. After digging it up it becomes the main form of communication for Jude.

Like the first film it begins to lay down the ground rules of things that it’s friends can and can’t do and slowly Jude becomes obsessed with it, dressing like Brahms and referring to him as a person.

brahms the boy 2 ending explained spoiler talk review breakdown

The Rise Of Brahms

Brahms becomes more and more aggressive but the characters can’t tell whether it’s Jude lashing out and using the doll as an excuse or if the doll really has a sinister side to it.

Due to her brain trauma Liza sort of becomes an unreliable narrator and because of her head injury we can’t tell what’s real and what isn’t. She begins to hallucinate and the doll becomes more and more of a fascination for her as she sees it slowly take over her child.

Liza looks up the history of the doll and discovers the backstory from the first movie.

From the houses Groundskeeper Joseph they learn that the real Brahm’s killed a little girl and that he lived in the walls of his house. As we know The Heelshire’s committed suicide and Brahms then went on to haunt Greta and become attached to her.

Now where Brahm’s arrival was a big reveal in the first film, we learn that the character was killed and that it was actually the doll behind the entire thing and not the other way around.

So yeah, if you were expecting a big return from Brahms then you’ll be disappointed to know that he’s dead and he doesn’t come back for the film.

Hey Jude

Liza discovers that Jude is planning to kill her and her husband and Jude’s cousin is severely injured after bullying him.

Liza manages to trace Brahms back through all of his owners and she uncovers a pattern of murders carried out by young boys that state the doll made them do it.

Now my biggest problem with this is that it negates the first film’s ending. I know that a lot of audience members were disappointed in the first movie because it didn’t actually have a supernatural element to it but personally I liked the subversion that is put on a thing that we’d seen hundreds of times before.

I feel like this film will annoy people like myself who enjoyed the first movies final half-hour and the retconning feels like they’re trying to capture the audience that they should have with the first. However, in doing so they stick to the cliches that The Boy avoided and it results in this being relegated to your standard affair that we’ve seen done to death.

Brahms The Boy 2 Ending

The groundskeeper Joseph played by Chris Finch, bloody good rep, goes to the house one night after things have escalated and ties Liza up. He reveals that Brahms made him put him back together and leave him there for the family. He’s been helping the doll and is regarded as crazy by the locals.

Jude was an easy target because of the trauma he faced and he pays lip service to the sacrifice that Brahms will make him carry out to align his soul with him.

Liza manages to get away from Joseph and she goes to the main house and discovers Jude there wearing a Brahms mask and apparently about to carry out a ritual.

Liza promises Jude that they will all go home and take Brahms with them as a member of their family and Sean arrives and smashes the dolls head in which reveals the true doll beneath it.

This is a demonic and sinister-looking creature that is the true face of Brahms and is what has been controlling Jude and all the boys before him. The doll kills Joseph by raising him and throwing fire from the furnace towards him. Jude then picks up the doll in order to calm it down and says that it will be alright. At the last second, it tosses the doll into the fire, burning it in the process.

It seems like the curse is finally over and the family returns back to their home. I have no idea how they managed to move back in no problem as none of them seem to work but on the surface, they go back to how things were before the attack that opened the film.

Brahms The Boy 2 ending

The Boy 2 Ending Explained

However we learn that the ritual was in fact successful and that Brahm’s spirit has in fact entered Jude. The ending of the film with the sacrifice was just a charade carried out by the doll in order to make it seem like Jude had managed to stop it. It killed Joseph because he is the only person that could uncover the truth and reveal that the doll was still alive and it has now finally left the grounds of the house.

The film closes with Jude in his room pulling out the Brahms mask and putting it on saying that they will be together forever.

All of the moments in the movie in which Jude tried to plead with his mother and talk about how Brahms was controlling him have all turned out to be a ploy and there is a lot of reasoning for this.

Due to the attack in the opening of the movie, Jude realized that his parents weren’t strong enough to protect him from the real dangers of the world and thus he ended up becoming an introvert that was scared of his own shadow.

Naturally he gravitated towards Brahms who would protect him from everything and this made him stronger.

In the film, there’s lip service paid to the fact that Brahms is in some ways a security blanket for Jude and I think this is a literal depiction of the character and what he represents for Jude.

Jude is of course in a vulnerable position and like Joseph said, he will be safer than he’s ever been because of the doll’s protection. Brahms too reached out to Joseph because he too was isolated and alone and clearly the doll reaches out to people in a similar position.

We know that he plans to kill Lisa and Sean and this will likely happen after the events of the film and thus Brahms will be able to operate without no one knowing what’s really going on with the character.

I don’t know if we will get a sequel for the film but there are certainly things that could happen with the story of the boy going forward.

The Boy 2 Movie Review

As for my thoughts on the film, I’m sad to say that I was really disappointed with this. As one of the two people that actually liked the first film I was expecting a bit more from this but I feel it will alienate the both of us that enjoyed that movie and people who were expecting a more haunted doll story will be bored by how wrote the piece is.

There’s just not a lot here that the movie excels in and I would have loved to have had a focus on the home invasion and how that psychologically affected Liza and made her see things that weren’t there then I think we would’ve had a more interesting film. From here we could have had the original Brahms return and live in the house similar to the first film and I think the idea that a home invasion victim was questioning whether they were going through another home invasion would have been far more interesting.

Paranoia is a great driving force in horror but it’s just missing from this film when it seems like the perfect opportunity to discover it.

Unfortunately, the movie misses the mark in several ways for me and though I’m sure many might have fun with it, personally it fell short of my expectations.

It gets a…


Your Thoughts

Now obviously I’d love to hear your thoughts on The Boy 2 and if you agree or disagree with my score. Comment below and let me know!

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