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Captain Marvel: Ending Explained + Post Credits Scene Breakdown | FULL MCU MOVIE SPOILER TALK

Captain Marvel Ending Explained full spoiler talk breakdown

Captain Marvel is here and the MCU will never be the same again. If you’ve been keeping up to date with the film then you’ll know that there’s a wealth of controversy surrounding it that seems to be overshadowing the movie itself.

Whilst it’s hard to avoid this, let’s cast it out of our minds for a minute and focus on the film’s plot, it’s ending and what it teases for the future.

Throughout this, I’ll be breaking down everything that you need to know about Captain Marvel including it’s final few scenes and the ones that appear after the credits.

It’s full spoilers ahead on this so if you don’t want to know anything about the movie then I highly suggest that you turn off now.

With that out the way, I’m Deffinition and welcome to the channel where I explain it so you don’t have to!

Captain Marvel: The Big Twist

Ok so perhaps the biggest plot twist in Captain Marvel is that the Skrulls are actually the good guys and the Kree are the villains.

If you’ve been following the comics then you’ll know that this is a pretty big changeup and is arguably one of the biggest twists since we found out that SHIELD were in fact Hydra.

The Kree/Skrull war ravages the galaxy and is the backdrop to this origin story that centres around our heroine, Carol Danvers.

The Kree/Skrull war is happening because the Kree are determined to rule over the galaxy and when the Skrulls started an uprising, the majority of them were massacred whilst the rest were turned into refugees, looking for a new home.

The Kree themselves are ruled by an AI known as the Supreme Intelligence. This programme takes the form of the person that you respect the most and the race worship it like a God. However, it’s goal is to subjugate every other species and planet in the Galaxy. Whilst we never discover who created it or where they are now, we can, in fact, look to the comics for answers on this.

The Supreme Intelligence is actually made from the brain of one of the smartest Kree’s that ever lived. Eventually, it evolves and develops it’s own consciousness that helps it to replace the Kree government as a ruler.

So how does the Supreme Intelligence play into the plot of Captain Marvel?

Captain Marvel Plot Synopsis

Captain Marvel opens with Carol already as a citizen of Hala and one of The Kree’s best soldiers. Whilst she has flashbacks to her past it’s clear she’s having certain things hidden from her. Yon Rogg, her mentor trains her as tough as he can, stipulating that she can’t use her powers and he ensures this with a device that slows her powers down.

From here Carol visits the Supreme Intelligence, who appears as Annette Benning, though Carol has no idea why. It’s here that the plot is really kick-started and Carol is sent on a mission to rescue a Kree Undercover from a planet. With the help of her team, Carol sneaks in but discovers that the undercover is actually Talos, a Skrull warrior who incapacitates and captures her.

However, Captain Marvel manages to escape and destroys the ship which is when we see her crash land on Earth in a blockbuster, that’s like Netflix but a place for those who were born after 2005. God I miss those days.

captain marvel post credits scene explained full breakdown on the plot storyline and both end credits scene


Anyway. Talos has learned from her memories certain things about the planet, including PEGASUS which is a logo on her jacket, and the Skrulls start to infiltrate society.

After contacting Yon Rogg, she learns that she has 22 hours before they show up and she begins working with Fury and Coulson who show up to investigate what’s going on. From here the train scene happens when a Skrull shows up and attacks her and Fury discovers that at some point The Skrulls swapped out the real one with one of their soldiers.

Fury manages to kill this Skrull but the one that Captain Marvel was chasing manages to get away.

From the head of Shield Division, played by Ben Mendelson, Fury is told to track down Captain Marvel who finds her in a bar that she remembers. Since Skrulls can’t absorb memories beyond 24 hours the two learn to trust each other before heading to Pegasus to see why the Skrulls are interested in it. Here they learn that Annette Benning’s character, Doctor Wendy Lawson, has been dead since 1989 and they sneak off to the archives which is when they are followed by Goose The Cat.

Fury calls Shield who show up, however, Fury thinks something isn’t quite right with the Shield leader and tricks him into revealing he’s a Skrull which is when the two escape.

Captain Marvel’s Origin

From here the movie becomes a lot about Carols rediscovery and the reveal that she was a pilot that apparently died during a test flight of Lawson’s new aircraft. With the help of her friend Maria, she begins to unearth her past. Talos arrives and explains the back story and it turns out that she was actually a Kree named Mar-Vell who was developing technology to help the Skrulls escape oppression. This Tesseract powered ship was shot down by Yon Rogg who killed Mar-vell and captured Carol to use her as a weapon after she had absorbed the ships power source in the ambush.

Naturall,y Carol is Nick FURIOUS about the whole situation and she changes her suit colours to reflect her new mind state.

The new team discover Mar-vell’s ship is in space and journey there whilst Yon Rogg arrives on Earth. In space, they discover the Tesseract and that Skrull refugees have been living on the base since Mar-vell died. Carol Takes the tesseract which Goose, who is revealed to be a Flerkin, at one point eats.

Yon Rogg

Yon Rogg shows up and they capture The Skrulls whilst Carol dukes it out with the Supreme Intelligence, brandishing them liars. Carol realises that they are actually very scared of her as they can’t control her and she finally is able to get free and fight the Star Force. Maria and Fury escape to Earth with Goose and The Skrulls but they are chased by Kree. I don’t wanna spoil too much but Fury loses his eye and the battle continues on Earth.

Yon Rogg lands on Earth just as Ronin shows up with a bombing fleet but Carol is able to make quick work of them and this sends Ronin running.

Finally, Carol finds Yon Rogg who says that she is nothing and can’t beat him without her powers but in an Indiana Jones-esque easter egg, Carol just blasts him, sending him back home to Kree with a warning that she’s coming!

captain marvel who are the skrulls explained

A New Home

Carol gives Fury back his pager which she’s upgraded to be able to send signals across the galaxy for and with the Skrulls she journeys into space, promising them to find a new home.

Fury is in his office with Goose wearing an eye patch which is when Coulson comes in an hands him a box of fake eyes which he closes and states that the planet is going to need more people like her to Protect Earth. The Protector Initiative is on his screen but when he looks at a photo and it says Carol “Avenger” Danvers on the side of her F-16. He smiles and changes the title to The Avenger Initiative, ending the film.

The Big Questions

So, where did Carol and the Skrulls go, unfortunately, we don’t know and there’s not really an indicator in the comics to guess at where this could be, however, it’s a safe assumption to make that they will be far away from The Kree.

Secondly, did Carol end the war? Well if we use Ronan as a barometer I think it’s pretty safe to say that she did. In Guardians Of The Galaxy, which is set long after Captain Marvel, Ronan is an outcast rather than the Supreme Accuser. Sure he still wants to rule the Galaxy but the fact that he is no longer in a position to do this immediately clearly indicates that the Kree empire has fallen.

To me this signifies that Carol did in fact stop the war, however, this may be played out in a sequel for the film if it ever happens.

The Post Credits Scenes

Captain Marvel has two post credit scenes and if you’ve already seen the leaks then chances are you know what they are. I think down the line these will kinda be looked upon badly as once future movies have been released these won’t really add much.

The first credits scene involves Captain Marvel showing up to Avengers HQ after the events of Infinity War to encounter the rest of the survivors of the snap. Captain America and co have managed to get Nick Fury’s pager but they are both unsure of exactly what the signal on it means before it cuts out. Captain Marvel then steps forward saying that she’s here to answer the call and asks where Nick Fury is. Carol and Black Widow share the screen and it’s clear that the MCU is heading towards a more female-focused journey with these two at the helm.

The scene is ripped straight from Avengers: Endgame, hence why I think down the line it would be viewed so favourably as once that movie is out it won’t really add anything to this one.

Goose The Cat

The second post-credits scene involves Goose The Cat coughing up the Cosmic Cube or Tesseract as it would later come to be known in the Avengers. This confirms that the Tesseract is in SHIELDS possession which we all know that it was from the ending of Captain America: The First Avenger.

This scene ends the film on a lighter note that neatly ties some of the film’s events into the greater universe.

Your Thoughts

So, that’s everything you need to know about Captain Marvel and what happens in it’s ending. If you’ve seen the movie make sure you leave your comments below and If you enjoyed this video then please like it and make sure you check out my full breakdown of the Game Of Thrones trailer which will be linked at the end.


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