Captain Marvel: Trailer 2 Review

Captain Marvel: Trailer 2 Review

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So I woke up this morning and was pleasantly surprised to see that there was a Captain Marvel Trailer which had been put out by Marvel Australia. Wow, it really blew me away. For someone that was slightly disappointed by the first trailer I have to say that this completely rectified my thoughts on the film.

What this trailer does expertly is that it defines the tone of the film as well as setting up a lot of the key characters and their roles. Something that I feel like the first trailer was missing.

It clearly highlights that Cap has a heavy bout of amnesia and I think as the story progresses we will learn more about her past in a sort of Batman Begins way instead of having all the events chronologically.

I think the CGI work on Nick Fury’s face looks fantastic and this is by far the best de-aging that they’ve done across the board. By the looks of it, he’s going to play a major part in the film and it will definitely be interesting to see if this effect holds up throughout.

Tonally this looks like a cross between Guardians Of The Galaxy and Iron Man, both of which are some of my favourite MCU movies so yes I’m very hyped for it.

captain marvel trailer 2 skrulls

Judging by the dialogue too they clearly are defining and introducing the Skrulls heavily so it seems like these will certainly be the next big villain for the MCU going forward. Ben Mendelsohn appears under Skrull makeup so it’s clear that they’re really going to reintroduce the races shape shifting power and I can imagine this carrying forward with a reveal of one of the heroes being a Skrull.

The space battles look epic and I know there was some worry that we would not get the red and blue classic costume in the film so I’m glad this clears it all up. Overall this trailer has massively piqued my interest and I know we were meant to be getting Avengers 4 this week so if they drop that then hey….amazing week to be a comic book fan.

Your Thoughts

So, what are your thoughts on the new Captain Marvel trailer? Does it get you hyped up for the film and what do you hope to see in it?

Comment below and let me know.


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