Cargo Ending Explained + What Caused The Apocal...

Cargo Ending Explained + What Caused The Apocalypse Fan Theory

Cargo Ending Explained by Deffinition

Cargo is a 2018 Post Apocalyptic Zombie movie starring Martin Freeman. The Netflix original film follows Freeman’s character, Andy, as he escorts his daughter Rosie across the Australian Outback. Left with only 48 hours before he transforms into a Zombie, Andy must find a new guardian for his child.

Throughout this video I will be discussing Cargo’s Ending as well as what I think has caused the Viral Outbreak.

Obviously, there will be heavy spoilers in this video so I highly recommend that you give this video a miss if you want to go into the film with fresh eyes.

With that out the way I’m Deffinition and this is my Ending Explained video for Cargo.

Zombie Attack!

After being attacked by a Zombie when searching for supplies on a Yacht, Andy’s wife dire need of help. Infected by a virus that causes mucus to pour from all orifices, uncontrollable spasms and an eventual transition into the undead, she seems like a lost cause. However, the family man refuses to give up on her and sets out looking for help with his partner and daughter.

Whilst driving her across the Australian wilderness in attempts to find a hospital, Andy crashes the car and when trying to unbuckle his daughter he is bitten by his infected wife. Humans carrying the disease normally have a 48 hour window before the virus takes over but due to the crash, Andy’s wife dies prematurely and transforms from this point onward.

Continuing his journey to the hospital for medical aid, Andy encounters Tumi. This Aborigini girl is a ward to her infected father and even though her family are looking for her, she refuses to return to them. Andy, devastated with his wife’s passing and anxious over the fact that his days are numbered, leaves the girl to her own survival and searches for someone to take care of his child.

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The Meeting Of Vic

On the road he encounters Vic and after saving his life, Andy is given shelter. Invited hunting by Vic he quickly discovers that his new ally is in fact using Tumi as bait in order to loot the corpses of the undead. This effects Andy to no end and that night he attempts suicide. Vic’s “girlfriend,” Lorraine stops him and when Vic stumbles across the two talking in the dead of night, he suspects they are having an affair and turns on Andy.

Andy awakes in a cage with Tumi but by using his wits manages to escape with the girl. They return to the camp in order to save Lorraine, who earlier on tried to make Andy aware of Vic’s true nature but she is shot in the process and they flee into the night.

With less than twenty four hours to live Andy sets out with Tumi to find the girls family and it’s a harrowing journey. There are several run ins with the zombies and humans alike and the three barely make it through the ordeal.

Aware that he is near death, Andy rubs rotten flesh on a stick and picks Tumi up. Tumi sticks the flesh rod out infront of Andy and, similar to a carrot on a stick with a donkey, he takes Tumi back to her family.

Finding Peace

Reunited with her family, Tumi is taken to an outback paradise where Rosie can be raised safely. We see Andy’s shirt hanging on a tree with a bundle of branches and bark surrounding his body for the final shot which is a motif of an Aboriginal funeral. It’s a fitting end for the character and a bitter sweet moment that tops off this brilliant film.

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What Caused The Zombie Apocalype

When theorising what caused the zombie outbreak, one must first examine the symptons that the infected display. The most notable is the fact that they dig holes into the ground and bury their head into them. In the animal kingdom similarities can be found in the parasitic organism a horse hair worm. This creature infects insects and causes them to commit suicide or act in exetremely peculiar ways. Initially their larvae is laid upon the bottom of rivers but as they are unable to swim they must wait to be eaten. During their digestation period, typically in crickets, mosquitos and other pond life, they will eventually drive their host to leap to their death into water where they can then hatch from the abdomen and continue their cycle of life.

The horse worm even goes so far as to stop a cricket from making it’s stereotypical chirping noise in order to avoid detection from other animals. It does not want it’s host to be harmed under any circumstances. Something similar to this in humankind could explain why the zombies don’t moan and are on the whole silent.


What Caused The Parasites To Come?

I believe that the parasites are subterranean Earth creatures. This is backed up by the fact that throughout the film there are several posters and paraphernalia that mention Fracking. Fracking the process of injecting liquid at high pressure into subterranean rocks and boreholes so as to force open existing fissures and extract oil or gas. This constant mining of the Earth could have disturbed the parasite and caused it to rise to the surface. This would explain why the infected are constantly attempting to dig back into the dirt and seek out darkness which environmnetally would be similar to their habitat.

Your Thoughts

Obviously I’d love to hear your thoughts and theories on what has caused the Zombie Outbreak so please leave them in the comments below.

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Thanks very much for taking the time to watch this. I’ll see you next time, take care, PEACE!

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