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Catastrophe: Season 4: Episode 6: Finale: Ending Explained + Spoiler Review On The Carrie Fisher Tribute

catastrophe season 4 episode 6 ending explained carrie fisher tribute

Catastrophe Season 4 has just come to an end and the show masterfully sent our characters off with what could be one of the best final seasons of a show.

The touching episode contained a heartbreaking tribute to Carrie Fisher and all round felt like an amazing send off to the late actress.

Throughout this video, I’ll be breaking down everything that you need to know about the finale as well as my thoughts on it.

There will be heavy spoilers here, so if you don’t want to know anything about the last episode of the show then I highly suggest that you turn off now!

With that out the way, I’m Deffinition and Welcome to the channel where I watch it so you don’t have to!

Catastrophe Plot Synopsis

In case you’re watching this just to see what the Carrie Fisher tribute was and aren’t fully up to speed, here’s Catastrophe in a nutshell.

Catastrophe is a comedy that stars Rob Delaney (as Rob) and Sharon Horgan (as Sharon). After the latter falls Pregnant when the former is on a business trip to the UK, the two decide to give it a go and start a family with one another.

The show follows all the highs and lows of their relationship and is beautifully acted with an amazing undertone of black comedy to it. It’s really a picture perfect example of a dysfunctional family that is very much a masterpiece of modern storytelling and the final episode was no different.

Catastrophe Season 4 Finale

Anyway, in that finale, The pair and their Children went to Boston on Holiday to discover that Rob’s mother, Mia, played by Fisher had suddenly passed away. Whilst Fisher wasn’t a massive element of the show, she still provided a lot of heart to it and behind the scenes there were rumours that the writers were having trouble handling her character’s absence in the show.

The send off couldn’t have been better though and in the finale, at her funeral, Rob read out a letter that the character had written about Mike Pence.

catastrophe season 4 episode 6 ending explained carrie fisher tribute

The letter stated:

“I heard about these babies, their spines are like corkscrews but once they have these surgeries, it’s beautiful.

“I wouldn’t have to do it at all if the government gave a rat’s ass about disabled kids. They’d be happy to throw them out the window.

“I bet Mike Pence spends his Sundays throwing disabled kids out of windows. Looks like he would, that f*cking microwaved-apple looking ass motherf*cker.”

The Carrie Fisher Tribute Reaction

Obviously those who are aware of Carrie Fisher’s outspoken personality know that the actress would have loved this and fans were quick to go to twitter to point out just how perfect this send off was for her. Fisher was pretty blunt and this excellent dark humour magically sums up her incredible dark personality.

Mike Pence is of course the current US Vice President and it’s pretty clear exactly what the creators of the show thing of the current administration and it’s policies.

Catastrophe Ending Explained

But there are more bombshells dropped after we learn that Sharon is once again pregnant and that Rob wants to move the family to Massachusetts. The two have a massive argument that’s similar to the arguments in the show that we’ve come to love and hate but eventually, they make up and Sharon says she’d consider moving to the country.

The two then go to the beach and after leaving their children sleeping in the car decide to go and sit down. Sharon throughout the episode has really gone back and forth on their relationship but she lovingly tells him that she still wants his baby and it’s pretty much the perfect summation of the show. They question whether they would still be together if she hadn’t fell pregnant and it’s just such a nice final chapter for the two that shows just how amazing and catastrophic their life together has been.

Sharon then strips off and runs into the sea which is when Rob notices a sign that warns of Dangerous Currents in the area as well as riptides. He calls out to warn her before glancing at his car and then strips off himself and runs in after her. It’s not the big rescue that you’d expect though and the two kiss in the sea as they float out away from the shore and struggle to swim back to it.

Catastrophe Did They Drown?

To me this incredible final shot of them adrift at sea sums up their entire relationship. Together they were tossed into a situation where they would have to swim against to current to survive and even though as a whole it’s pretty hopeless and they’ll probably never reach their goals but they are still trying. On the shore is the picturesque life that they always wanted but they ignored the warning signs and went at it together to really make a go off it against the odds.

It’s so symbolic and pretty much the best metaphor that the creators could have used for the show and I absolutely loved it.

Your Thoughts

Obviously, I’d love to hear your thoughts on the finale and if you thought it was a fitting send off.

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