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The Flash: Flashpoint Review By Deffinition

The Flash Flashpoint Review By Deffinition

Flash In The Pan? My first encounter with Flashpoint was through the DC animated movie. Like most comic book fans out there I absolutely loved it. It had it all! Johns and the team did a brilliant job of crafting an interesting world and really getting the audience invested in The Flash. I’ve read Flashpoint […]

Batman Son Of The Demon Review By Deffinition

Batman Son Of The Demon Wrap Around Cover

Ra’s Al Cool Batman: Son Of The Demon was always a weird one to me when I first read it. Sure it had some great moments in it but it always struck me as more of tale that was fit for James Bond, rather than the caped crusader.   This is my second read through […]

Batman Terror Review

Batman Terror Graphic Novel Review By Deffinition

Batman Terror Review By Deffinition The Terror…The Terror…. The Batman graphic novel read through (sometimes I say it’s canon sometimes I don’t cos I get in trouble in the comments) IS BACK. With a Bang….   BANG   This week we are focusing on Batman: Terror, a sequel to the book Batman: Prey. If you’ve […]

Batman Faces Graphic Novel Review By Deffinition

Matt Wagner Batman Art

Batman “Faces” Off Against Two Face The puns have started already. I AM BACK!!! It’s the return of one of my favourite Batman Writers and Artists, The illustrious, Matt Wagner. If you’ve been following my reviews from start to finish then you know that Wagner’s work held the top spot in my rankings until The […]

Batgirl Year One Review

Batgirl Year One Graphic Novel Review By Deffinition

Batgirl: Year One Review By Deffinition Batgirl Begins If you’ve read my review of Robin Year One, then you know I loved the pulpy origin story that the book had to it. In the end I gave it an 8/10 placing it quite high towards the top end of books I’ve reviewed. This is it’s […]

Batman Robin Year One Review By Deffinition

Robin Year One Review By Deffinition   First appearance: The Mad Hatter, Killer Moth and Talia Al Ghul   Rise Of The Robin Robin: Year One is about the newly drafted in Robin’s First Year (captain obvious over here). It follows Batman and Robin as they struggle to take down crime within Gotham City whilst […]

Batman Return To Arkham Game Review By Deffinition

Batman Return To Arkham review By Deffinition

  Arkham Asylum And Arkham City Remaster Reviews Check out my review script below.   Yaaay it’s another batman review yaaay.   Hi everyone, it’s your best mate deffinition, here to bring you my thoughts on the arkham asylum and arkham city remasters that have just come out bundled under the title Return to arkham. […]

Catwoman When In Rome Review By Deffinition

Catwoman When In Rome Review By Deffinition Catwoman: When In Rome is sort of a side chapter that takes place during Batman: Dark Victory. It follows Catwoman in her quest to confirm whether The Roman is her father or not. The book is by my favourite writing team Jeph Loeb and Tim Sale and it’s […]

Batman Dark Victory Review By Deffinition

Batman Dark Victory Review By Deffinition The Longest Halloween Batman Dark Victory is a HUGE undertaking. This will definitely be my longest review for a while. If you’ve read my Long Halloween review then you know that I absolutely loved that book. This sequel takes place directly after the aforementioned title and the team of […]

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