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DC Legion Of Collectors Wonder Woman Unboxing | UK Box with Deffinition

Wonder Woman Legion Of Collectors Unboxing And Review Uk By Deffinition

Wonder Woman And Doctor Poison Funko Pops! Legion Of Collectors Batman V Superman Unboxing and Review. The Legion Of Collectors Boxes are really difficult to get a hold of in the UK but I’ve managed to get one. Let’s see if the Wonder Woman Box Lives Up To The Movie! Thanks for checking out my […]

Earth 2 The Tower Of Fate Review | Graphic Novel Talk

Earth 2 The Tower of Fate Review by deffinition as part of graphic novel talk

Earth 2 The Tower Of Fate Review By Deffinition Earth 2 The Gathering was pretty sub par. The book had the perfect opportunity to springboard from Justice League Origin and create a brand new, gripping world, without the super team. It failed to deliver. I went in expecting Injustice and instead I got an injusti….yeah […]

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