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WATCHMEN: Ending Explained: Why Angela Walked On Water And Became The New Doctor Manhattan

watchmen epsidoe 9 edning explained breakdown spoiler talk review

If you spent last year Watching The Watchmen then chances are that you have a lot of questions still about the shows ending. Throughout this video, we’re gonna be going over the agonizing cliffhanger and discussing all of the evidence to support why Angela did walk on water. I’ve rewatched the show from beginning to […]

SERVANT: Ending Explained Breakdown + Full Spoiler Talk Review


 Servant has been a pretty crazy show. The entire run has been laced with head-scratching moments. Massive twists and turns and the final episode didn’t pull any punches when it came to some big twists. Throughout this, we’ll be breaking down everything you need to know about the show and it’s ending. There will […]

Crisis On Infinite Earths: Episode 4 & 5 Breakdown + Ending Explained | DCEU, Cameos, Flash, Easter Eggs & More

Crisis On Infinite Earths Ending Explained Spoiler Talk Review Part 4 and 5 Ezra Miller Flash Cameo

 Crisis hit the ground running in December with three episodes that tied together major parts of the DC Universe and told a compelling story about the destruction of the multiverse. After a month-long hiatus, the series is back with it’s final two parts and throughout this video we’ll be breaking down everything you need […]

Why The Ending Of 1917 Is So Perfect + The Real Life Story That Inspired The Film Explained | SPOILER REVIEW

1917 spoiler talk review ending explained movie breakdown

 1917 doesn’t need an ending explained, the events of the movie are pretty straight forward. The finale won’t leave you asking any questions and everything ties up in a way that services the entire story. However, that doesn’t mean that the ending isn’t worth talking about and this film finalizes on a beautifully somber […]

THE GRUDGE 2020: Ending Explained, International Differences + Timeline Breakdown | HEAVY SPOILERS REVIEW

The grudge 2020 ending explained review

This episode we’re gonna be breaking down everything that you need to know about 2020’s first big horror movie: The Grudge. Throughout this video we’ll be going over the main plot elements of the film including it’s overall plot and ending. There will be heavy spoilers here, so if you haven’t had a chance to […]

DRACULA: NETFLIX: Ending Explained Breakdown + Spoiler Talk Review | Doctor Who, Sherlock Easter Eggs & More


 With Dracula now dropping on Netflix it’s time to breakdown everything that you need to know about the limited series. After the show premiered on the BBC earlier in the week it’s had the internet in an uproar and throughout this, we’ll be discussing all of the overall plot, the meaning of it’s final […]

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