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Marvel’s Avengers: A-Day | Official Trailer Explained | Full Breakdown And Reaction Of E3 2019

marvels avengers a day gameplay breakdown trailer footage everything you missed

Marvel’s Avengers: A-Day from Square Enix has just dropped it’s first trailer so I thought I’d breakdown the new look at the game and discuss everything that you need to know about it. This video contains some spoilers so if you don’t want things ruined for yourself then I highly recommend that you give it […]

FAR CRY: New Dawn: Every Ending Explained + How To Get Each One

Far Cry New Dawn Ending Explained All Cutscenes Breakdown On The Good And Bad Ending And How To Get Them

 FAR CRY: New Dawn is here and similar to the other games from the franchise, there’s a lot to unpack from it. The standalone expansion serves as a narrative continuation of Far Cry 5, with the world still coming to grips with the Nuclear attack known as ‘The Collapse.’ This devastating conclusion to Far […]

Resident Evil 2: Remake All Endings Explained

resident evil 2 remake ending explained spoiler talk breakdown

 Resident Evil 2: Remake has just been released and the incredible game is already a hot contender for the game of the year. The game features several endings and throughout this video, I’ll be breaking down everything that you need to know about them and how they differ slightly from the original PS1 Classic. […]

Resident Evil 2: Remake: Mr. X Explained & Evolution Of The T-103

resident evil remake 2 mr x explained

 Resident Evil 2 is scarring a whole new generation of gamers with a remake that is arguably even more frightening than it’s first iteration. The game stars Leon S. Kennedy and Claire Redfield as they attempt to make their way out of a zombie-infested Racoon City alive. Whilst in the original version of The Game, […]

Super Smash Bros Ultimate: All Endings Explained & How To Get The Good, Bad & True Final Cutscenes

super smash bros ultimate ending explained spoiler talk breakdown

Super Smash Bros Ultimate is finally out on Nintendo Switch and the game possesses three endings for it’s story mode: World Of Light. Throughout this article, I will be breaking down everything that you need to know about the games Bad, Badder and True Ending as well as how to get each one. There will […]

Stan Lee

stan lee tribute video on the passing of marvel comics book creator and genius tribute video intro

As I’m sure many of you watching this video will already be aware, sadly, The Great Stan Lee has sadly passed away. Most of you probably don’t know that this channel was originally created predominantly as a comics books channel before turning to movies and TV but I can’t really emphasise enough how much Stan’s […]

Castlevania: Season 2: Ending Explained + Season 3 Predictions

Castlevania Season 2 Ending Explained and Season 3 predictions

 Castlevania has just wrapped up its second season and with double the number of episodes that its predecessor had, there’s a lot to unpack. Throughout this video I’ll be discussing the ending of Castlevania Season 2 and where it leaves the characters. There will be heavy spoilers and it’s definitely worth skipping this video […]

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