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Xenoblade Chronicles X Review By Alex Wilkie

xenoblade chronicles x review by alex wilkie

No Man’s Wild? Xenoblade Chronicles X was always going to be a niche thing. It’s a moderately complex anime-ish JRPG that plays like an MMO and it’s exclusive to the Wii U. It’s not unpopular, but it’s something that was inevitably going to be overlooked by some. I want to argue its case because it […]

WWE 2K16 Playthrough By Dap Ceo

This Game Is Proper Rock   WWE 2K16 is the latest game for the PS4 from the WWE.   Check out Dap-CEOs playthrough of the game below. It’s hilarious. It’s like watching your grandad pick up an iphone for the first time. For More Game Reviews And Playthroughs keep it locked to

Resident Evil 7 Demo Video Game Review By Deffinition

The Resident Evil 7 Demo Is Here. I’ve Played It. Are My Pantaloons Still White? Find Out.   I’m a huge Resident Evil fan…some of the time. The movies are terrible. The games are good, then they get run into the ground and then reinvented and are good for a while.   How does the […]

Uncharted 4 Game Review (Video) By Deffinition

Uncharted 4 Review

Should This Game Have Been Left In It’s Tomb…Raider…(I just can’t do puns fml)?   Uncharted 4 is finally out. How does this game hold up against the current run of games like Tomb Raider and Gears Of War.   Find Out In My Video Review.     Check out more of my game reviews […]

Arkham Knight Review And Discussion By Deffinition

Arkham City or Arkham Shitty?   Arkham City is one of the greatest games ever made, after the Mario Brothers and Wave Race of course.   Does it’s sequel surpass it, or should it be taken away in the batmobile (please take away the batmobile).   Watch my video review to hear my thoughts on […]

Alien Isolation Video Review By Deffinition

IGN Be Haters   This game got terrrrrrible reviews. I’m a huge fan of the Aliens series and the low scores really put me off. How does the game measure up? Watch my video review to find out.     Check out more of my game reviews on the site

Evil Within Video Review By Deffinition

Do you…have….the evil…withi….bit of a crap pun…doesn’t really work   Evil Within has been out for aaaaaaages. I got it really cheap though so i’ve decided to do a review on it.   Check out my thoughts below.   Check back for more of my game reviews when I can be bothered to make them.

The Last Of Us Remastered Review – Video Review

The Last Of Us Remaster Review

The Last Of Us Is The Greatest Game Of All Time   This was my favourite game of all time when it first dropped on Playstation 3. Does it hold up now it’s been out a couple years. Watch my video review to find out.   Check back at my site for more news, movie […]

Uncharted Collection Review By Deffinition

Game Reviews

Shake And Bake Nathan Drake The Uncharted game series is seen as one of the best that playstation has ever had to offer.   How do these remasters of the games hold up?   Watch my video review below to find out. Check back for more game reviews

Batman A Telltale Game Review

batman a telltale game review

Batman A Telltale Series is the latest game by (you guessed it) Telltale Games. This episodic game starts off within Batman’s first year.   Is it just treading old ground? Have we seen this too many times?   Check out my video review to find out. Check Out More Of My Game Reviews On The […]

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