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spiderman far from home every time mysterio was in the background of a scene easter eggs ending explained spoiler review breakdown hidden illusions spider man

With Spider-Man: Far From Home now making its way across the internet after it’s release digitally in the US this week, I thought I’d go through the film with a fine-tooth comb and point out all of the times that Mysterio was in the Background of a scene. If you checked out my every time […]

It Chapter 2: Can Pennywise Return After The Ending Of The Film? | All Appearances After The Movie Explained & Chapter 3

it chapter 2 did pennywise really die cameos in other books

 With IT Chapter Two closing the book on The Losers Club that still doesn’t mean that it’s the end of the story for Pennywise The Clown. Throughout this, I’ll be answering one of the big questions I’ve seen surrounding the ending of the movie as well as the It Chapter Three rumors that are […]

SPIDER-MAN DEAL UPDATE | Sony Offer Disney New Deal For 30% Of Spider-Man BUT Venom MUST Be In The MCU

spiderman in the mcu tom holland venom cameo scene breakdown full movie explained and whos to blame in the disney and sony deal

It looks like we have a big update on the Sony Disney deal after the hope of negotiations died out last week when Sony CEO Tony Vinciquerra said that the door was closed. It’s been a rough couple of weeks to be a spider-man fan with us lovingly referring to the whole situation as Schroedinger’s […]

IT Chapter 2: The Ritual Of Chud Explained | Main Book And Movie Differences And Original Ending Breakdown

it chapter two the ritual of chud explained how to carry it out

With the release of IT Chapter Two I thought I’d go back and breakdown everything that you need to know about the apparent way to defeat Pennywise The Clown once and for all. Through this video, I’ll be going everything you need to know about The Ritual Of Chud, including the main differences between the […]

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