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GODZILLA VS KONG Ending Explained | Full Movie Breakdown, Easter Eggs And Spoiler Review

Godzilla Vs Kong Ending Explained full movie spoiler talk breakdown and things you missed

 The 1926 Expedition Now the film itself centres heavily around The Hollow Earth. This is a real-life theory that first hit the mainstream back in the 17th century after Edmond Haley theorised that the Earth had an almost onion-like structure that had several layers to it. Though never proven, the theory still remains popular […]

THE OLD GUARD Ending Explained Breakdown + Full Movie Spoiler Talk Review, Sequel & Comic Differences | NETFLIX

The Old Guard Netflix Movie Ending Explained Spoiler Talk Breakdown

This article we’re breaking down The Old Guard on Netflix. The Charlize Theron movie has just dropped today and there’s a lot to unpack from it. Throughout this, we’ll be going through everything you need to know about the film, including it’s ending, the source material that inspired it and where the franchise could be […]

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