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Why The Ending Of 1917 Is So Perfect + The Real Life Story That Inspired The Film Explained | SPOILER REVIEW

1917 spoiler talk review ending explained movie breakdown

 1917 doesn’t need an ending explained, the events of the movie are pretty straight forward. The finale won’t leave you asking any questions and everything ties up in a way that services the entire story. However, that doesn’t mean that the ending isn’t worth talking about and this film finalizes on a beautifully somber […]

The Flash Movie WILL Be A Flashpoint Adaptation But NOT In The Way You Expect | DC NEWS EXPLAINED

The Flash Flaspoint Movie News

Director Andy Muschetti, who you may know from the IT movies, recently dropped a bombshell that the film will follow Flashpoint…but not in the way that we expect. Throughout this, we’re gonna be breaking down the news itself and what it could mean for the film. If you don’t want any potential spoilers then now […]

NEW Leaked BATMAN 2021 Images Confirm A BIG Fan Theory + Joker, Penguin Casting, Batsuit, Gordon And Time Setting

batman robert pattinson

 This episode we’re breaking down all of the leaked images for the upcoming 2021 film: The Batman. The photos which dropped earlier this week confirm some big fan theories, give us our first look at Robert Pattinson and the time setting for the movie. We’re gonna be discussing everything that you need to know […]

THE GRUDGE 2020: Ending Explained, International Differences + Timeline Breakdown | HEAVY SPOILERS REVIEW

The grudge 2020 ending explained review

This episode we’re gonna be breaking down everything that you need to know about 2020’s first big horror movie: The Grudge. Throughout this video we’ll be going over the main plot elements of the film including it’s overall plot and ending. There will be heavy spoilers here, so if you haven’t had a chance to […]

STAR WARS: The Rise Of Skywalker Spoilers: Images From Premiere Confirm The Leaks & NEW Plot Details

rise of skywalker leaks

With The Rise Of Skywalker Premiering last night we actually have six big images that have been leaked online. Throughout this, we’re gonna be going over what’s in the images and additional plot spoilers that weren’t in the original video that I put together and just discussing how the film got to this point. Obviously […]

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