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The Top 10 Best 4k Blu-Ray Movies For Newbies (2018 List)

pacific rim ultra hd 4k movie review

When I first got my Ultra HD player I just wanted to buy as many films as possible to show off the new, upgraded picture quality and HDR. I’ve probably bought about 40 titles so far since picking up my player earlier in the year and with the majority of them starting at £25, it’s […]

Bad Times At The El Royale: Who Was On The Tape

Bad Times At The El Royale Who and What is on the secret tape

Bad Times At The The El Royale still leaves one mystery unanswered at the film’s close. Who was on the highly coveted tape that Darlene decided to burn during her and Pretend Priest Daniel Flynn’s escape? Throughout the movie there are several clues dropped as to the featured person’s identity and I believe that I […]

Apostle: Ending Explained (Netflix 2018)

Apostle Ending Explained Spoiler Talk Review

Apostle Is A 2018 Netflix Original Horror Movie. Set on the island of Erisden, the movie follows Thomas Richardson as he attempts to rescue his sister from a mysterious cult. There is a lot to unpack from the film and throughout this article I will be discussing the movie in full detail. There will be heavy […]

The Room Review with Adam Felman | GREATEST MOVIE EVER PODCAST

the room greatest movie ever podcast review and analysis with adam d felman aka mos prob and deffinition

The Room Review with Mos Prob The Greatest Movie Ever Podcast is back! This week I am joined by Adam Felman to discuss and review The Room. Regarded by many as one of the worst films ever made, the piece has transcended the medium and is now viewed as a cornerstone of meme community. Throughout […]

Malevolent: Ending Explained

Malevolent Ending Explained Review by Deffinition On The Netflix Original Horror Movie

Malevolent is a 2018 Netflix Original Horror Movie. The film follows a group of charlatan psychics that find themselves on the wrong side of a paranormal investigation. There is a lot to unpack from the film’s ending and throughout this video, I’ll be discussing the plot of Malevolent in full detail. There will be heavy […]

Halloween: Ending Explained Review (2018 Movie)

Halloween ending explained review spoiler talk for the 2018 movie

Halloween sees the return of Mute Mass Murderer Michael Myers. A complete retcon of the last 40 years of film, the movie places the madman in an Asylum where he has remained since the 1978 original film. After breaking free, the Serial Killer wrecks havoc once more in an attempt to kill Laurie Strode, however, […]

All 20 Marvel Movies Ranked: Iron-Man – Ant-Man & The Wasp


Marvel’s MCU has had an incredible run. Starting off in 2008 with the seminal ‘Iron Man’ the franchise has grown to become the biggest cinematic universe in movie history. The creative team have pushed the boundaries in several ways and whilst their work is often imitated it is unrivalled. After watching through the entirety of […]

Venom: Post Credits Scene Explained

Venom Post Credits Scene Explained carnage cameo and into the spider verse tie in

 Venom has finally started it’s theatrical run and like most Comic Book Movies of the modern era, it contains several post-credit scenes that tease sequels and what is to come. Throughout this video, I will be discussing both credit scenes for the film so there will be heavy spoilers. With that out the way, […]

The Little Stranger: Ending Explained By Director Lenny Abrahamson

The Little Stranger Movie Review

The Little Stranger is a British-Irish Gothic Horror that due to studio neglect may have flown under the radar for many. However, the film is fantastic and possesses an ending that leaves a lot to unpack. Throughout this video, I will be discussing several plot details from The Little Stranger so there will be heavy […]

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