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BATMAN 2021 UPATES: New Batsuit Details, Hidden Logo Meaning, Cars, Potential Catsuit Release Date & More

Batman Batsuit Details confirmed

Throughout the video we’ll be discussing the new Batsuit information, the hidden easter eggs in the film’s logo, the potential Catsuit release date and a lot more. There may be some spoilers here so if you don’t want to know anything about the film then I highly suggest that you turn off now. With that […]

The Birds Of Prey Explained | Origins, Team Members, Best Comics And Everything You Need To Know | DC

birds of prey explained team members best comic book stories graphic novels movie plot spoilers break down tv show crisis on infinite earths characters

The DC Superteam is making their way to the big screen for the first time this year and throughout this video’s we’re gonna be discussing everything you need to know about The Birds Of Prey! There may be some spoilers here so if you don’t want any surprises about the group potentially ruined then I […]

BIRDS OF PREY: Plot Leak Breakdown | Full Movie Summary, Post-Credits Scene And Ending Explained | HEAVY SPOILERS

Birds Of Prey Plot Leak breakdown full spoiler talk review

With Birds Of Prey premiering this week we have a lot of plot leaks on the movie. Throughout this, we’re gonna be breaking down what apparently happens in the movie and it’s ending. This leak comes directly from Reddit and has been substantiated by a number of sources so it seems pretty legit. Obviously there […]

THE TURNING: Ending Explained Breakdown + Full Movie Fan Theory | Book Differences & Spoiler Review

The Turning Fan Theory Spoilers

This episode we’re breaking down the new horror movie The Turning. The film has a big ending that probably left you scratching your head and throughout this, we’ll be giving our interpretation of it. I haven’t seen anyone else drop this theory yet so hopefully if you’ve watched other videos on the topic then this […]

MORBIUS: Post Credits Scene Leaked | Full Breakdown, What It Teases And Spider-Man Homecoming Fan Theory

spider man mcu deal update morbius will be connected to the mcu officially

 The post-credits scene for Morbius has reportedly leaked. Throughout this we’re just gonna be breaking down what apparently happens after the credits roll and how it connects to the MCU. There’s also a couple of fans that claim to have spotted the living vampire in Spider-Man: Homecoming so we will also be going over […]

Why The Ending Of 1917 Is So Perfect + The Real Life Story That Inspired The Film Explained | SPOILER REVIEW

1917 spoiler talk review ending explained movie breakdown

 1917 doesn’t need an ending explained, the events of the movie are pretty straight forward. The finale won’t leave you asking any questions and everything ties up in a way that services the entire story. However, that doesn’t mean that the ending isn’t worth talking about and this film finalizes on a beautifully somber […]

The Flash Movie WILL Be A Flashpoint Adaptation But NOT In The Way You Expect | DC NEWS EXPLAINED

The Flash Flaspoint Movie News

Director Andy Muschetti, who you may know from the IT movies, recently dropped a bombshell that the film will follow Flashpoint…but not in the way that we expect. Throughout this, we’re gonna be breaking down the news itself and what it could mean for the film. If you don’t want any potential spoilers then now […]

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