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The Nun: Full Story & Ending Explained

the nun ending explained and spoiler talk review plot synopsis breakdown

The Nun tells the origin story of the demon Valak. Littered throughout The Conjuring Series, the demonic Nun has proven to be a thorn in the side of those who fight for good and her backstory has remained a mystery, till now. Throughout this article, I will be discussing the plot of The Nun as […]

The Nun: Original Script

 The Nun sees release this month and whilst we have discussed the movie in full here (The Nun Ending Explained) there was still an original outline for the movie. Below I’ve compiled the rumours and leaked scripts into a plot synopsis. There are some minor spoilers here for things that actually made it to the film […]

Searching: Ending Explained (2018 Movie)

searching ending explained spoiler talk review

Searching is a 2018 technological thriller starring John Cho. The film follows the character David Kim as he searches for his missing daughter. Possessing a huge reveal, the movie has an ending with a lot to unpack and throughout this article, I will be discussing Searching’s ending in full detail. There will be heavy spoilers […]

Crazy Rich Asians: Post Credits Ending Scene Explained

crazy rich asians post mid credits scene ending explained I discuss the book differences as well as that final cameo in my spoiler talk review featured image

 Crazy Rich Asians breaks the mold in more ways than one. Typically mid-credits scenes appear only in the big blockbusters of DC and Marvel, however, Crazy Rich Asians delivers a mysterious cameo at the films close that may have left some viewers scratching their heads. Throughout this video, I will be discussing the end of […]

Why Nick Fury Called Captain Marvel: Fan Theory

marvel infinity war fan theory

With Infinity War now on general release throughout the world, many fans have been pouring over it frame by frame in order to pick out the most minute details. If you adore fan theories like me then you know that they can dramatically change the way that you watch a film. This one by Redditor sjvkrgr1 definitely changes […]

Slender Man Movie (2018): Ending Explained + Meaning Of The Monster

slender man explained

 The creepy pasta horror meme: Slender Man has slowly risen in stature over the last decade. After starring in fan fiction, documentaries, games and more, the monster finally debuts on the silver screen in the film: Slender Man. Throughout this video I will be discussing the movie’s plot as well as what I took […]

Teen Titans Go To The Movies: Post Credits Scene Explained

teen titans go to the movies post credits scene explained

 Teen Titans Go To The Movies finally see televisions Teen Titans on the big screen. The film is a must-see for any DC Comics Fans and is packed with Easter Eggs, cameos and a surprise End Credits Scene. Throughout this video, I will be discussing that scene in particular so there will be heavy […]

The Meg: Ending Explained & Book Main Differences

the meg ending explained and main book differences movie review by deffinition

The Meg is a summer blockbuster Shark film starring Jason Statham and Ruby Rose. Early reactions to The Meg are calling it the perfect popcorn flick and the film is set to be 2018’s biggest monster movie. Originally based on the 1997 book ‘Meg: A Novel Of Deep Terror’ the movie diverts from its source […]

Slender Man Explained

slender man explained

Slender Man The Movie sees release this month and as always the man-made monster of mystery has a lot of hype surrounding it. Created in 2009 the Slender Man has gained a huge internet reputation over the last decade and has gone on to star in Games, Documentaries and more. Throughout this video I will […]

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