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Thor: Ragnarok Video Review | #SWAGNAROK

Thor Ragnarok Review By Deffinition as part of Movie Talk #Swagnarok

Best Marvel Studios Movie To Date? Having never seen a Thor Movie (bar The Avengers) I didn’t really know what to think going into this. The past Marvel movies set a really high bar so I was curious to see how this turned out. Especially with the hype behind the Hulk vs Thor fight. Did […]

Ranking The Broken Lizard Movies

Ranking The Broken Lizard Movies

It’s about time we had a great comedy. There are always decent ones, sure, but it feels like it’s been a few years since we had one that really belongs in the modern comedy canon. Some people felt that The Big Sick was worthy of this kind of praise (though our review was more negative). […]

DC Legion Of Collectors Wonder Woman Unboxing | UK Box with Deffinition

Wonder Woman Legion Of Collectors Unboxing And Review Uk By Deffinition

Wonder Woman And Doctor Poison Funko Pops! Legion Of Collectors Batman V Superman Unboxing and Review. The Legion Of Collectors Boxes are really difficult to get a hold of in the UK but I’ve managed to get one. Let’s see if the Wonder Woman Box Lives Up To The Movie! Thanks for checking out my […]

Ranking The Lord Of The Rings & Hobbit Movies

Ranking all the lord of the rings and hobbit movies by deffinition as part of film talk

Ranking The Lord Of The Rings & Hobbit Movies by Deffinition Two Trilogies To Rule Them All Peter Jackson completed a phenomenal task when he put the Lord Of The Rings and The Hobbit to film. Grossing billions at the box office and receiving a mass of critical acclaim, it seems like everyone LOVES journeying […]

Top 10 Comic Book Movie Opening Scenes

Top 10 Comic Book Movie Openings

Top 10 Comic Book Movie Openings By Deffinition Rise Of The Comic Book Intro! Comic Book Movie opening scenes can be one of the most important aspects of the film. They cement the world, often set up all of the plot elements and showcase our heroes in a daring way. They should instantly grab the […]

IT Movie Review By Deffinition

IT Movie Review By Deffinition

I Put Very Little Effort Into This My Movie Review of IT. I put as much effort into it (pun intended) as the people who made a remake of a film based on a book. Nice one guys. Real creative! BLAH BLAH BLAH SUBSCRIBE BLAH

Top 6 Annabelle Facts You Didn’t Know | Horror Movie Easter Eggs

Top 6 Annabelle Facts You Didn't Know for Annabelle Creation As well as all Easter Eggs

The Real Life Annabelle So I saw Annabelle Creation last night and whilst I had a lot of problems with the movie, mainly people doing that old cliche where someone’s about to discover someone THEN SOMEONE SNEAKS UP BEHIND THEM SAYING HEY WHAT YOU DOING. It’s like everyone was deaf, and an idiot ESPECIALLY ANNABELLE […]

Atomic Blonde Ending Explained

Atomic Blonde Ending Explained By Deffinition

Atomic Blonde Ending Explained By Deffinition Atomic Blonde Explained In 4 Minutes Atomic Blonde Ending Explained by Deffinition. My movie analysis of the plot synopsis of Atomic Blonde. There are heavy plot spoilers in this video so I recommend that you avoid it if you haven’t seen it. It contains an explanation of the film’s […]

Atomic Blonde Review | Film Talk By Deffinition | NO SPOILERS

Atomic Blonde Review By Deffinition As Part of Film Talk NO SPOILERS

Atomic Blonde Movie Review By Deffinition Atomic Blonde Thoughts On The Movie Atomic Blonde Review By Deffinition. Female action movies are few and far between. Charlize Theron is here to right that wrong with the new action packed film Atomic Blonde. But does it live up to the hype? Watch my review of the film […]

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