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Moana And Snowden Review By Deffinition

Moana snowden review

Snowden And Moana? Worth Seeing This Weekend? Read my script for the video below.   Suck your mum, so I went to the cinema but my girlfriend got the times wrong, ive told her about this, it’s the last time I let her out her cage, anyway being a proper g, we snuck into a […]

Arrival Movie Review And The Ending Explained By Deffinition

Arrival Movie Review By Deffinition

Amy Adams And Jeremy Renner’s Alien Movie Check out my full script for my Movie Review below.   So Arrival is the latest movie that deals with what could hypothetically happen if aliens appeared on our planet one day. But they never will, nice one America, It studies how we as a race would deal […]

The Accountant Movie Review By Deffinition

The Accountant Movie Review

Ben Affleck Is The Accountant Check out my full script for the review below The accountant stars Benjamin Affleck (hello darkness my old friend) and Anna Banana Kendrick (when im gonnnnneeee skit didid dididid deee). It follows a high functioning autistic, accountant, he also runs a nail salon, and a Chinese takeway, im not even […]

The Girl With All The Gifts Review By Deffinition

The Last Of Us…I Mean Last Of The Movies I’ve Watched Check out my thoughts on The Girl With All The Gifts and it’s similarities to The Last Of Us. How does it stack up next to current British Horror Movies?   Watch my review to find out.   Check out my other Movie Reviews […]

Suicide Squad Extended Cut Thoughts And How This Is Worrying For DC Movies

Suicide Squad Extended Cut Review

Why Extended Cuts Worry Me So DC slash warner brothers have announced that they’re doing a suicide squad extended cut after denying it time and time again. I lIKED the original version and if you’ve watched my review then you know that I didn’t really get the hate that it recieved. However, The theatrical release […]

Deepwater Horizon Movie Review By Deffinition

Mark Wahlberg And Kurt Russel’s Movie On The BP Oil Rig Disaster Check out my no spoiler review of Deepwater Horizon. Starring Mark Wahlberg, Kurt Russel and John Malkovich how does the film measure up to other disaster movies. Subscribe To My Youtube Channel And Let Me Know What Movies You Want Me To Review […]

Blair Witch Movie Review (No Spoilers!) By Deffinition

Blair Witch Movie Review By Deffinition

The Tony Blair Witch So Blair Witch was the movie that sparked off the found footage genre, the term found footage was even created because that movies premise was based around the found footage that people from the woods….found footage. It used to mean that the movie was filmed in a documentary style and one […]

Top 5 Overrated Comic Book Movies By Deffinition

Top 5 Overrated Comicbook Movies

Praised By Many, Disliked By Me People call me a DC fan boy. I’M NOT!!! I think the Killing Joke movie is absolutely horrendous, I shat all over Batman V Superman when I left the cinema, I slagged Snyder off for months…..then apologised when I saw his extended cut as it wasn’t his fault. I forgive you […]

Captain America Civil War Review By Andrew Breeze


No Spoilers ahead…. just a few hints 1. Captain America: Winter Solider 2: Guardians of the Galaxy 3: The Avengers   In the extended Marvel universe, this is how I would rank my top three films. The Russo brothers smashed it out of the park with their sequel to The First Avenger and eclipsed both […]

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