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Top 5 Overrated Comic Book Movies By Deffinition

Top 5 Overrated Comicbook Movies

Praised By Many, Disliked By Me People call me a DC fan boy. I’M NOT!!! I think the┬áKilling Joke┬ámovie is absolutely horrendous, I shat all over Batman V Superman when I left the cinema, I slagged Snyder off for months…..then apologised when I saw his extended cut as it wasn’t his fault. I forgive you […]

Captain America Civil War Review By Andrew Breeze


No Spoilers ahead…. just a few hints 1. Captain America: Winter Solider 2: Guardians of the Galaxy 3: The Avengers   In the extended Marvel universe, this is how I would rank my top three films. The Russo brothers smashed it out of the park with their sequel to The First Avenger and eclipsed both […]

Deadpool movie review by Philip Kent

“House blowing up builds character.” The dust has settled. The box office numbers have been counted and the fan boys have been satisfied. Ladies and gentlemen, meet deadpool. MCU’S uglier, darker and more obnoxious older brother. But the good kind of obnoxious, like that co. Worker that pulls every weekend but all you can do […]

The Shallows Movie Review By Deffinition

The Shallows   The shallows is the latest movie with a shark in it. Is it Sharknado levels of so bad it’s good or is just genuinely terrible?   Watch my video review to find out.   Check out my site for more Movie Reviews. Thanks – Deff

Batman V Superman Warehouse Fight Scene (Arkham Style)

Batman V Superman Warehouse Fight Scene (Arkham Style)

Counter That Or i’ll Knock You Out This is one of the best videos on the internet (today anyway, also not counting porn hub).   It’s basically the Batman Saving Martha Fight from Dawn Of Justice but with the Arkham Moves in it.   Check out the video below.   Make sure you check out […]

Batman The Killing Joke Video Review

Batman The Killing Joke Movie Review

The Return Of Mark Hammil And Kevin Conroy (even though they still do the voices loads). This movie is getting really mixed reviews.   What are my thoughts on this new animated movie by DC?   Watch my video review to find out…   Keep checking back for more of my Movie Reviews.

Batman V Superman Ultimate Edition Review

Batman V Superman Ultimate cut review

Oh No….not this again…   If you’re like me then you HATE HATE HATED Batman V Superman when it was released at the cinema. The Ultimate Edition is now out on Blu Ray. How does it fare up. Is it an improvement or should Zack get the Sack (pause).   Check out my video review […]

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