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Transmissions: Issue One: The Numbers Station Review

transmissions issue one comic book review by tpub comics

After the incredible graphic novel The Traveller, TPub Comics have really caught my eye. The Traveller was an outstanding piece that really captured my imagination and revitalised comic books for me in a way that made me remember exactly why it was that I fell in love with the art form in the first place. […]

Injustice: Gods Among Us: Year Three: Volume 2 Review

Injustice gods among us year three volume 2 graphic novel review

Injustice has had one hell of a run thus far. The storyline has successfully incorporated all aspects of the DC Universe and doesn’t seem to be slowing down at all in terms of quality. However, Year Three: Volume 2 probably has the most potential to change that. Tom Taylor is no longer on the project […]

Hellboy 2019: Ending Explained: Post Credit Scene Breakdown + Spoiler Review

Hellboy 2019 ending explained spoiler talk review

Whilst Hellboy is more faithful adaptation for fans of the franchise, the movie, unfortunately, fails in several ways and feels like a clumsy depiction of the Right Hand Of Doom that will leave audience members leaving with a clenched fist. Throughout this video, I’ll be breaking down everything that you need to know about Hellboy’s […]

SHAZAM! Ending Explained Breakdown + Post Credits Scenes, Hidden Easter Eggs You Missed & My Spoiler Review

shazam post credit scene explained breakdown on the henry cavill cameo and mister mind and black adam

 Shazam Plot Synopsis Shazam opens with a young Dr. Sivana traveling home with his brother and father. Sivana is really looked down upon by the two and we get the feeling that his brother is the favourite whilst he’s sort of the outcast. Things start looking up though when he’s transported to The Rock […]

The Umbrella Academy: Ending Explained + Season 2 Predictions | FULL SPOILER REVIEW

The Umbrella Academy Season One Ending Explained Spoiler Talk Breakdown On The Netflix show

The Umbrella Academy has just dropped on Netflix and the show expertly captures the source material in several ways that make it a thrilling journey from beginning to end. But who are the Umbrella Academy and what does the show’s ending mean for the cast of characters going forward? Well throughout this article I’ll be breaking […]

Stan Lee

stan lee tribute video on the passing of marvel comics book creator and genius tribute video intro

As I’m sure many of you watching this video will already be aware, sadly, The Great Stan Lee has sadly passed away. Most of you probably don’t know that this channel was originally created predominantly as a comics books channel before turning to movies and TV but I can’t really emphasise enough how much Stan’s […]

I Killed Adolf Hitler Review

I Killed Adolf Hitler Graphic Novel Review

I Killed Adolf Hitler Review By Deffinition I Killed Adolf Hitler by Jason is a book that I often see cited as one of the greatest graphic novels ever made. Having been pretty much a superhero fan my entire life, it’s rare that I venture into any other genre, which of course is quite ignorant of […]

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