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Spider-Man Far From Home: New Post Credits Scene Breakdown & The True Meaning Behind It Explained

spider man far from home new extended post credits scene breakdown and explained

Welcome to the Heavy Spoilers show, I’m your host Deffinition aka your friendly neighbourhood Spoiler-man and we now have a new post credits scene for Spider-man: Far From Home that made it’s way to the web through J Jonah Jameson’s very own website This awesome addition adds a lot to the movie and teases […]

Spider-Man Sony Update: Tyrese Tells Charlamagne That Morbius Will Be Connected To The MCU!

spider man mcu deal update morbius will be connected to the mcu officially

We have some breaking news this morning that the upcoming sony film: Morbius will be connected to the MCU. This comes through Tyrese Gibson who is set to star in the film apparently telling Charlamagne Tha God that the movie will be connected to the greater universe and it’s a pretty interesting reveal. I’ll play […]

Spider-Man 3 Set To Be The ‘Darkest’ Spidey Film With Chameleon Rumored To Be The Villain & She-Hulk To Have A Cameo?

spider man 3 mcu chameleon villain explained she hulk cameo news everything we know so far leaks and script spoilers breakdown

In the wake of a lot of news coming out about the upcoming MCU project: Spider-man 3, there’s been a couple of leaks that have made their way to the web that I thought deserved closer inspection. The main one of these coming from lord of the leaks himself, Mikey Sutton, who correctly reported on […]

Marvel Studios Are Looking To Bring Daredevil and Kingpin Into The MCU Movies Through Spider-Man 3

daredevil and kingpin in the mcu spider man 3 news announcement vincent d onofrio and charlie cox return hulu

After the Netflix Marvel shows were sadly canceled across the board earlier this year, we have new reports that Disney and Marvel Studios are looking to resurrect the properties and bring them into the MCU. This report is slowly moving across the internet and according to reports, Marvel is very interested in bringing in Vincent […]

Spider-Man 3 Will Be His ‘Endgame’ And The Film In Which He Crosses Mutliverses Through Madame Web | FAN THEORY

spider man back in the mcu spiderman 3 will be characters endgame madam web venom 2 crossover that opens up multiverse kevin feige statement fan theory explained breakdown

With the wall crawler swinging his way back into the MCU, fans are looking forward to the upcoming film: Spider-man 3, to see what it could bring. Throughout this, I’m going to be going over my fan theory on how it will actually be the film in which the character crosses dimensions into the “Venom […]

Spider-Man Deal Update: Venom In The MCU And New Terms Between Disney & Sony Explained

spiderman in the mcu tom holland venom cameo scene breakdown full movie explained and whos to blame in the disney and sony deal

Now that Spider-man is officially back in the MCU I thought I’d break the new terms and conditions of the contract. Cos let’s face it, who doesn’t enjoy…reading terms and conditions…yay. Anyway, there’s a lot to unpack from the new deal update and quite a big hint that this will be the moment that Disney […]


spider man back in the mcu disney and sony new deal update come to agreement to get the rights to the character back venom marvel universe deal update

Welcome to the Heavy Spoilers show, I’m your host Deffinition and after an unbelievable month of back and forth announcements SPIDER-MAN is officially back in the MCU with the news breaking world wide that Sony and Disney have come to an agreement. Today, the two companies announced together that Kevin Feige will produce a third […]

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