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Spider-Man: Far From Home Top 10 Trivia And Easter Eggs | BFP, Sandman, Fergie, Cameos & More

spiderman far from home easter eggs and references

 10. Amazing Cameos Spider-Man Far From Home is filled with some amazing cameos that beautifully link back to prior movies. The first one comes in the form of a Stark Scientist who worked for Obidiah Stane in the initial Iron-Man film. The actor playing the part in the first film, Peter Billingsly, too returns […]

Toy Story 4: Top 10 Trivia And Easter Eggs | Boo From Monsters Inc, The Matrix, The Shining, Goosebumps & More

Toy Story 4 Up Connection easter eggs and trivia

 10. Mr. Potato Head Unfortunately in 2017, voice of Mr. Potato Head, Don Rickles passed away before he had the opportunity to record his lines for Toy Story 4. However, at the request of Rickles’ family, who were desperate to see the character in the film, Disney Pixar went back and created his performance […]

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