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DEVS Explained: How The Machine Works And What The Devs Do | DEUS EX MACHINA

devs the machine explained episode 8 breakdown ending scene lily forest alex garland episode 1 premiere recap review analysis 4k

If you’re here then chances are you’ve been watching DEVs on FX. It’s an absolutely outstanding show that has several mysteries surrounding it namely what is it that the devs do? In order to explain that we have to explain the machine itself, how it operates and why it explains several things about the universe. […]

STRANGER THINGS Season 4: Fan Theories, Potential Release Date, Cast, Story And Everything We Know So Far

stranger things season 4 teaser trailer breakdown everything we know so far

With the release of Stranger Things Season 4 due this year, it’s time to break down everything that we know about the upcoming show. Throughout this video we’re gonna be discussing the potential release date, casting news, story details and giving fan theories on what could be happening in the show. There may be some […]

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