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Wolverine: Old Man Logan Review

Wolverine Old Man Logan Review by Deffinition as part of Marvel Graphic Novel Talk

Wolverine: Old Man Logan Review By Deffinition Wolverine: Old Man Logan is often cited as one of the best Marvel Graphic Novels ever made…and I’ve never read it. Whilst the film adaptation ‘Logan’ is regarded by many as the best in the genre, I have mixed feelings towards it. For every outstanding moment the movie […]

Top 10 Comic Book Movie Opening Scenes

Top 10 Comic Book Movie Openings

Top 10 Comic Book Movie Openings By Deffinition Rise Of The Comic Book Intro! Comic Book Movie opening scenes can be one of the most important aspects of the film. They cement the world, often set up all of the plot elements and showcase our heroes in a daring way. They should instantly grab the […]

Magneto Testament Review | Graphic Novel Talk

Magneto Testament Review

Magneto’s Origin Story Magneto’s origins are some of the most fascinating in comic book history. The fact that they bear roots within the Holocaust has furthered their appeal and retellings of his younger days have appeared twice in the successful X-men film franchise. Whether due to a lack of creativity or Hollywood wanting to cement […]

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