Child’s Play (2019) Ending Explained + Fu...

Child’s Play (2019) Ending Explained + Full Spoiler Talk Review Of The Chucky Movie

childs play 2019 ending explained full movie spoiler talk breakdown review on the new aubrey plaza mark hamill chucky horror movie

Chucky once again gets lucky with a big reboot of the franchise starring Aubrey Plaza and Mark Hammil. The doll now has some killer new features and throughout this video I’ll be breaking down everything that you need to know about the movie and it’s ending.

This is full spoilers ahead, so if you haven’t seen the film yet and don’t want anything ruined then I highly suggest that you turn off now.

With that out the way I just wanna give a huge thank you for clicking this video, I hope you enjoy it, now sit back, relax and let’s get into my breakdown of the Child’s Play Remake!

Child’s Play 2019 Plot Recap

Child’s Play similar to all of the other movies in the franchise follows an evil Doll named Chucky that decides to go on a killing spree. However, unlike the other film’s in the series there is no voodoo possession and instead, the character is now from a high tech toy range named Buddi. Buddi, created by the Kaslan corporation comes with a whole host of skills that basically makes it one of the most if not THE most, sought after Toy in the world. It’s able to interact with other Kaslan Products and whilst the majority of them aren’t going around trying to kill their owners, Chucky has been given let’s say special privileges that allow him to act on his own.

This is because a disgruntled worker who is employed at the business where they make the doll decides to one day mess around with the settings of one of the Buddis after he feels mistreated and undervalued. The worker removes all of the language and action inhibitors and this means that the doll can do what it wants. Basically, everything good about the Doll and the worker goes out the window.

Chucky Remake Fan Outcry

Now, since this style was announced, there’s been a lot of outcry from fans, however, I actually think this new, modern take on the character works a lot better in today’s world. Everyone with an Alexa can relate to this and it’ll probably keep me up at night as I’m reminded of all the times I’ve told her to shut up.

Basically, if you’ve seen Small Soldiers you get the jist of it. The toys are back in town and I don’t mean Woody and Buzz and this guy is on a quest to be Andy’s best friend.

childs play 2019 full plot synopsis spoilers

The New Chucky Explained

Unlike the original film, Chucky actually isn’t out to kill Andy and in the movie, he actually just wants to be his friend and is even willing to murder those around Andy that he doesn’t like. We’re gonna have to change the Phrase from Curiosity to Chucky Killed The Cat because this doll doesn’t stop when it comes to trying to be Andy’s best friend and yeah…there are some awesome awesome kills.

Now early on because of this, I was pretty hooked on this movie. I was kinda expecting it to be a big disaster but they slowly build up the tension, making Chucky get more and more sinister as the plot of the movie goes on. Chucky is sort of a representation of the world around him and as he witnesses more violent things he ultimately becomes more violent too. Which is definitely a smart take on the Doll as it shows that this is what our kids could turn into if we didn’t put rules in place or make sure that they have a ‘filter.’

The way that Chucky also operates the other Kaslan products during his killing spree showcase perhaps that we probably have become too reliant on technology and that it will ultimately become our downfall though…yeah I’m not sure whether I’m going too deep on that.

Mark Hamill

It has to be said that Mark Hamill absolutely smashes it and as we head into the final act, whilst it was pretty predictable, Hamill’s dynamism kept the entire thing fresh and unnerving throughout the entire movie. There’s a scene where he presents someones face to the characters that is very very bloody and it just kinda shows that this doll is not to be played with.

He goes on a huge murder spree and at some points, Andy is believed to be the killer though this is quickly unearthed by Detective Mike Norris after he discovers the Doll can do what it does. After the character is almost fatally injured by Chucky, the Rogue Toy takes Andy and Karen hostage and tries to kill the latter by hanging her from a forklift.

Child’s Play 2019 Ending Explained

Andy manages to save his mother and with the help of Mike, they decapitate the doll, seemingly killing it. Now there were rumours that Chucky would survive this film, however, it’s pretty clear that this version of the doll gets completely smashed up by the film’s end and yeah there’s no chance of him coming back.

However, we do see many defective dolls in the third act that showcase that perhaps Chucky isn’t as dead as the doll is. Whilst Kaslan Industries issues a recall we can see that they are definitely malfunctioning and if a sequel was to happen then I think that one of these defective dolls would act as a new host for the Rogue A.I. to return to get revenge on Andy after his bitter rejection.

The fact that Chucky can also operate other Kaslan products means that he could have a worldwide reach and if the sequel ups the budget then the doll could hold the world hostage due to our reliance on technology. Either that or Skynet will develop their own dolls and yeah….we all know how that turns out.

My Review

So, what did I think of the film?

Well as you can probably guess from my tone I really enjoyed it. Child’s Play has always been a pretty hit and miss series for me but I think it’s safe to say after one watch that I prefer this over the original film. It works far better in a modern setting and I feel like all of the updates that everyone complained about are actually necessary in order to breathe some new life into the franchise.

June’s been a pretty bad month for movies so far with only Toy Story being a standout but this is a pretty close second. It’s not gonna blow anyone away but it’s an enjoyable watch from beginning to end and it feels like the studio are taking good care of the property.

Overall I’d probably give it an…


Though I am interested to see if my rating changes after rewatch and I know what to expect but coming right out the cinema this is a fun ride.

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