Child’s Play 2019: Official Teaser Traile...

Child’s Play 2019: Official Teaser Trailer Explained

Childs Play Remake 2019 official teaser trailer explained

With the release of the Child’s play remake just around the corner, we have slowly started to see promotional material filter it’s way onto the web in the past couple of months.

Today sees the online release of the film’s teaser trailer after it was only initially shown at the start of the new horror film “Prodigy”.

Throughout this video, I will be breaking down everything that you need to know about the trailer as well as what it implies. There will be heavy spoilers here, so if you don’t want to know anything about the movie just yet, then I highly recommend that you turn off now.

With that out the way, I’m Deffinition and welcome to the channel where I watch it so you don’t have to!

Child’s Play 2019 Official Teaser Trailer

The trailer opens with a minute-long commercial from the Kaslan corporation. In it, CEO and founder, Henry Kaslan discusses how the company specialise in building revolutionary products for the betterment of mankind. The trailer then Segways off into how the corporation have developed the most interactive toy of all time, named Buddi.

This pretty much confirms the majority of rumours that have circulated around the film for the past year or so. We now know for definite that the Voodoo curse has been completely dropped and instead, Buddi will be like an Alexa on steroids that wants revenge for every time you told it to shut up.

Whilst this portion of the trailer was leaked in the last week, there are some additional scenes in the full release that take a more darker turn.

Childs Play Remake 2019 official teaser trailer explained

From here we see Andy Barclay unwrapping a Buddi doll that has been given to him by his mother Karen, played by Aubrey Plaza. The words ‘best friend’ repeat in the background like a broken record to let you know that there is a glitch in the doll somewhere and things are going to take a more sinister turn.

Whilst we don’t actually get a glimpse of Buddi or the Chucky beyond a silhouette, we do see that the devilish Doll hasn’t lost it’s taste for murder. We get flashes of a body covered in a sheet, a person falling onto a car, a car crashing, and a glimpse at Detective Mike Norris, played by Brian Tyree Henry.

The phrase “Friends Till The End” flashes on screen too before we get the final shot of Karen with tape over her mouth before ending on the ominous flash of the Doll in Darkness.

Child’s Play 2019 Official Teaser Trailer Explained

So, what can we take from this trailer, well it’s very clear that the film is indeed going against the better judgement of fans and making a terminator toy that goes rogue with it’s A.I. and begins to kill it’s family. We also know from information on the website that the doll is capable of possessing other Buddi’s and also seeing through their line of sight, thus hiding from them will be very difficult.

The film does seem to be following very much the pattern of the first film with the doll being discovered and then going homicidal and it is veering away from the more extreme versions of the character that we got down the line.

Fan reaction has been mixed to the trailer thus far with most stating that they are waiting until the SCY-FY show drops instead but this definitely did pique my interest.

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