CHILLING ADVENTURES OF SABRINA: Season 3 Ending Explained Breakdown & Spoiler Talk Review + PART 4 Predictions

chilling adventures of sabrina part 3 ending explained spoiler talk review breakdown

This episode we’re breaking down the ending of Chilling Adventures of Sabrina Part 3.

Throughout this, we’ll be going over everything you need to know about the show and where things could be heading for Part 4.

There will be heavy spoilers here so if you don’t want anything potentially ruined about the new season of the witch then I highly suggest that you turn off now.

With that out the way I just wanna give a huge thank you for clicking this, now let’s get into our breakdown of Chilling Adventures Of Sabrina Part 3!

Sabrina Part Two Recap

Ok so Part Two had some pretty big revelations. Not only was it revealed that Sabrina’s father wasn’t Edward Spellman, but it actually turned out that she was Satan’s offspring, the forebearer of the Apocalypse.

The second entry closed with Sabrina faking a ceremony of submission in order to trap the dark lord but after this backfired, Nick ended up sacrificing himself in order to contain him.

It was the ultimate play and Sabrina had to watch as her beloved boyfriend Nick was taken to hell under the watchful eye of Madame Satan.

The season closed with a promise between Sabrina and her friends ‘The Fright Club’ that they would travel to the underworld and get Nick back.

Chilling Adventures Of Sabrina Part 3 Recap

This is where Part 3 picks up and the show doesn’t waste any getting to the rescue attempt. The opening of the series really revolves around the group doing whatever it takes to free him from his confinement that will make your toes curl…literally. (Start of episode 3)

Sabrina does whatever she can to gain entry to hell, The Fright Clubs band provide some awesome backing music, Madame Wardwell plays a big part after gaining control of her life, Prudence and Ambrose travel the globe in search of Father Blackwood, Zelda steps up as Headmistress and there are a couple of new characters introduced here and there that really shake up the season.

Everyone gets something to do, whether its Zelda and Hilda deciding how to inform the ‘students’ that they shouldn’t be praying to Satan anymore or Dorian Gray acting as a sort of M for the group, all the actors get some dark and twisted things to play with.

People who are already invested in the show will find a lot to love from the off and this season is arguably the most occult entry thus far. It throws some awesome nods to the Wizard Of Oz, The Divine Comedy, Vlad The Impaler and within the first fifteen minutes the show already sets up some big plot points that make it arguably the best in the run.

The Divine Comedy And Caliban Explained

For those who don’t know, The Divine Comedy is a famous Italian poem that discusses the nine circles of hell. It chronicles the journey of Dante through the underworld and this is similar to the path that Sabrina and co travel on in the first episode.

It really allows the creative team to switch up the environments and whether it’s the shores of sorrow, the fields of witness or a giant path of blood, the series possesses one of the most memorable opening episodes in the show’s history.

Upon arriving at Pandemonium they come across Madame Satan who informs the group that in the wake of her ascension to the throne, she is finding it difficult to gain respect. No one views her as the real ruler of the realm and in order to get Nick back, Sabrina must assume the title of The Queen Of Hell and officially pass it back to Madame Satan.

However, this is contested with the arrival of Prince Caliban. He wants to expand the circles of hell and if he was to rule he would pretty much mess everything up.

For those who don’t know, Caliban is actually a character from the Shakesperean play The Tempest and the character was the son of a witch…nearly said bitch there.

He’s an extremely complex character and this is mirrored by his portrayal in the show.

He and Sabrina even come face to face with Pontius Pilot and re-enact elements of the crucifixion scene from the Bible. Judas also plays a big part of the show and it’s very much laced with the story of Jesus which is mirrored in Sabrina’s position as the child of Satan that is inline for the throne.

chilling adventures of sabrina part 3 ending explained spoiler talk review breakdown

The Queen Of Hell

Left with little option, Sabrina takes up the position of The Queen in order to free Nick and defend it from the new apparent antagonist.

She also has to deal with balancing her new role with her normal life and seeing her having to condemn people to hell whilst trying to make it as a cheerleader reminds you that she never has it easy.

These moments build the character and make her easy to get attached to.

She realises that she will have to transfer the soul of satan into a new vessel and this comes in the form of Father Blackwood.

I loved watching Satan bounce back and forth inside the character throughout the season and it adds to the theme of duality that the show possesses overall.

There are also tones of identity which are not only exemplified in Satan but also in Sabrina’s new role and Nicks’s lust for pain and pleasure.

However, with the character free, it allows him and Sabrina to rekindle their relationship but their plans are put to a halt when the carnival comes to town.

These guys reminded me a lot of the true knot from Doctor Sleep and watching their rituals was creepy as hell. They travel the land, making sacrifices and yeah, not good people.

The Pagans

These Pagans date back millennia, before even the time of Satan and also possess different abilities. I loved the Medusa one and there’s just something so creepy about them.

They wish to sacrifice a virgin and luckily for them, the Fright Club is full of em. We still PG-13 now. However, it does actually have a subplot about them losing their virginity so they can’t be sacrificed and yeah, I wasn’t expecting to see this in the show.

Similar to most in the season they have a double side to them, a true face that is terrifying that allows the creative team and actors to go wild.

They make for some awesome enemies and whilst this season is plentiful when it comes to villains, it doesn’t feel overstuffed.

Riverdale Easter Egg

There’s also a Riverdale Easter egg however, some fans, including myself, may be a bit disappointed to learn that it’s still not a crossover.

Now that doesn’t mean that we won’t be getting one eventually as the location definitely exists in the Sabrina universe but this tie in with the new ‘Murder capital of the world’ may have to wait till part four.

That doesn’t mean the series isn’t packed with big moments that people will love though and Hilda gets engaged and starts turning into a Spider, Harvey tries to get closer to Roz, his dad get some action and Nick gets caught with his pants down.

I definitely feel like this season is a lot maturer than the prior entry and was kinda surprised to see them diving into sex and BDSM as much as they did. The show definitely deserves its teen rating and it gets more risque the longer it goes on.

What it boils down to though and what makes Nick and Sabrina fall apart is that deep down he knows that she loves Harvey. Again, this idea of duality rises once more with the heart and head being torn and it cements that every character has two sides to them.

What they want to present and what’s actually going on.

Chilling Adentures Of Sabrina Part 4 Predictions

Harvey And Sabrina

Harvey and Sabrina is a Romance that we’ve all wanted from the start and though we initially thought they were diverting for the show it does start to line up more with what we would expect.

Nick frees Satan and takes a real dark turn. We learn he’s infested with a parasite from The Dark Lords residue and thus has been acting a certain way.

But it is too late and he and Sabrina go on a break.

The Harvey Sabrina connection is given further weight when Roz is turned to stone and she can only be freed with true loves kiss. This fails and it cements that Harvey’s heart does not belong to Roz.

Roz later picks up on this and yeah they are teasing it.

Sabrina admits to herself that she does love him but that she doesn’t want to hurt Roz and the love triangle gets even more complicated.

The Death Of Zelda

They manage to stave off the Pagans and get Roz back but there are casualties. Due to Hilda being out the game, Zelda is running things on her own and she’s shot by Wardwell, sent to purgatory and then murdered by Blackwood.

It was a big moment in the season, however, it does quickly get undone and my big ding on the series would be that it doesn’t feel like it has stakes because of this. A lot of things are reverse and yeah, it just kinda retrospectively robbed these moments of their weight.

A banshee comes and looks over the property and this signals death and it also comes in the form of Prudence and the rest of the weird sisters who are killed one by one. Prudence is murdered by Father Blackwood and this continues his killing spree.

The Dark Timeline

For the finale, they throw several curveballs and it sends the series down the quote-unquote dark timeline that I’ll get into in just a bit but there are a lot of things that change up the dynamics of the show.

Madame Satan also reveals that she is pregnant with a son and this could usher in a new era for the dark lords.

Caliban tricks Sabrina and she is entombed and Harvey is captured by the Pagans who transform him. Pretty much everyone is killed. Caliban becomes the ruler of hell and then we get a huge time jump that chronicles his invasion of Earth in an attempt to turn it into the tenth circle of hell. The pagans manage to push him back and Sabrina frees herself from death through the use of a paradox.

To break it down simply, there is a time loop in which the future Sabrina must come back and free her past self. It’s a bit confusing as there would have to be one version of Sabrina to start the loop but maybe she was freed far in the future and time travelled in order to start this and we just aren’t privy to it.

The post-apocalypse is a bad place but with help from Ambrose, Sabrina is able to travel back to episode 7 and stop Blackwood from his killing spree.

Sabrina, disguised as Robin who is a trusted member of the camp but ends up betraying them, tricks the Pagans into attempting to sacrifice one of their own. The academy take down the group and Sabrina goes to return to hell but her future version stops her and breaks the timeloop, trapping Caliban in hell.

This means that there are two versions of the character existing at the same time.

Chilling Adventures Of Sabrina Part 3 Full Episodes

Chilling Adventures Of Sabrina Part 3 Ending Explained

One version of Sabrina accepts her role as Queen Of Hell and is adorned in the traditional wear of the realm. The other returns to Greendale and says that her business with hell is done. Now there is a specific line here that plays into my theory on the finale.

Lileth says that a Queen must be ready for battle and I believe that going ahead, she may be manipulated by her father and Lileth to launch an invasion on the Earth much in the same way that Caliban was.

Initially, this invasion was staved off by the Pagans, however now they have been defeated and it is possible that Sabrina could end up going toe to toe with a version of herself.

The Church of Night changes its name to the order of Heckerty to show that there is a difference between their old ways and before Zelda gets her kiss there is a mention of an even darker force on the horizon.

Personally I believe this prediction is adding weight to Sabrina being at the head of the overtaking and launching an attack on her self. Sabrina never really wanted to be the ruler of hell and this version of herself will likely be angered that the other is living the life that she wished for.

Perhaps she will try to swap with herself but I do think that they are setting up for a showdown between the two.

There is a notion at the end of people falling apart from one another such as Prudence who stops speaking to Ambrose and the Sabrina who takes up the throne looks like she’s breaking inside.

Everything has consequences and there are always loose ends as Ambrose says and the Paradox that they have created with have repercussions.

Sabrina Part 4 Predictions

The series ends with Blackwood unleashing his time egg on the world. This will apparently kick off the beginning of the end of all things.

It’s a huge cliffhanger to end the show on and due to its powers we know that it could end the Spellmens, universe and all of time.

Sabrina managed to use the time egg in the episode to send herself back in time and thus if it’s used in another way it could be used to destroy all of time.

I actually think that after their battle the Sabrinas will have to team up with one another in order to put an end to it. The shows often have two over-arcing villains and this would definitely fit in with the aesthetic as we know that Satan has finally stopped chasing the character after a version of her has ascended to the throne.

We do know in the vision of the future that Zelda saw that there was only one Sabrina at her death bed and even though the two versions of the character are trying to keep separate, you would think that they would both be there for such a big event.

This makes me think that one of the Sabrina’s died in the battle with the creature and this will sort of straighten everything out.

There’s a lot of ways that it could go forward but I did have a lot of fun with this season.

Overall a lot of it seems inconsequential and it pretty much goes back to the status quo by the end bar a few changes but the ride itself was a great one and this is definitely my favorite season so far.

Chilling Adventures Of Sabrina keeps getting better and that’s why it gets an…


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