Civil War: Spider-Man: Graphic Novel Review

Civil War: Spider-Man: Graphic Novel Review

Spiderman Civil War Graphic Novel Review

Spiderman Civil War Graphic Novel Review

Spider-man was pretty clearly an integral part to the Marvel Civil War Storyline. His perspective offered a grounded look at the world and he pretty much portrayed the inner dialogue that the majority of readers would have had when deep diving on the book.

So, naturally, hearing that there was a graphic novel solely based on his exploits piqued my interest.

Throughout this review, I will be letting you know whether it’s worth picking up this graphic novel or if you can skip to the main storyline.

There will be heavy spoilers here, so, if you don’t want to know anything about the work then I highly suggest that you skip to the score.

With that out the way, let’s dive into Civil War: Spider-man!

‘There Might Not Be A Spider-Man’

The book picks up right after the Stamford incident with Peter Parker being brought along as Tony Stark’s aid as the latter tries to negotiate the tough registration act treaty.

Instantly Peter grounds the story and perfectly puts you in the middle of what seems like an impossible scenario.

When Peter finally does unmask for the world to see you really get the gravitas of the situation when you see how the people around him react to it. MJ and Aunt May couldn’t be prouder whereas J Jonah Jameson launches a lawsuit against the photographer. His enemies too put him in the firing line and you really get the sense that in hindsight, maybe this wasn’t the best idea.

This massively elevates the work early on and makes the book a breeze to read due to its constant tension and drama. This literal ‘coming out of the closet’ works metaphorically on a level to be intertwined with that phrase’s bravery showing what prejudices can be faced when putting something so public. These early chapters do a terrific job of solidifying the work early on as an equal to the main series and I recommend that you pick it up for this opener alone.

spiderman vs captain america

‘He Throws The Symbol Of The Country At Me’

When Captain America refuses to sign the registration act, he is immediately put in opposition to Peter.

This doesn’t go down too well with those that view him as a hero and at points, it feels like the whole world is against the webhead.

When the two finally do come face to face, it doesn’t disappoint and watching them square off is one of the high points of the comic. The action is fast-paced, exhilarating and a whole lot of fun and definitely up to the calibre that you’d expect from this kind of story.

The Detention Centre

When Peter visits the detention centre where they are detaining the Supers, we really get the feeling that there has been a change within him. He can no longer abide by the law and because of this he flees with his family.

This of course, directly puts him into throws with his mentor, Tony Stark, who seems to have used the new law to make a killing on the stock market and take away people’s human rights.

After an awesome set piece, Peter makes a stand against Tony and goes live on air, denouncing the registration act. It’s a powerful moment that is arguably one of the biggest and best in the entire civil war storyline and elevates the book instantly.

I loved seeing Peter become the hero that we all know he is and it’s remarkably written and engaging.

spiderman vs iron man

The Conclusion

Obviously the Marvel Universe doesn’t end with Civil War and thus the stories must continue, however, it seemed strange that the graphic novel decided to end on setting up the Back In Black storyline rather than showcasing the overall conclusion of Civil War.

It is a slightly disappointing note to end on and makes you wonder what the book could have been if it had a proper climax like the one we got in the main story.

This, unfortunately, left me with a bitter taste in my mouth even though what came before it was great.

The Verdict

Ultimately Spider-man’s journey through Civil War is an enjoyable one. Whilst there definitely could have been a better climax, the overall quality that it adds to the main storyline cannot be ignored.

Whilst I was disappointed by its closing chapter, the work was still a fun ride and that’s why it gets an…


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