Deadpool 2: Ending Explained +What Happens In T...

Deadpool 2: Ending Explained +What Happens In The Post Credit Scene

deadpool 2 ending explained and what the post credit scene means full spoiler talk and review

Deadpool 2: Ending Explained + What Happens In The Post Credits Scene By Deffinition

Deadpool 2 sees the return of the Merc with a Mouth. Bigger and badder than ever before, the Ryan Reynolds led comic book film packs a punch that secures it as one of the most entertaining movies of the year. As with most comic book films there are several easter eggs and post credit scenes that tease potential sequels and plot lines to come.

Throughout this video I will be discussing Deadpool 2’s ending as well as the movie’s post credit scene. There will be huge spoilers so I highly recommend that you wait until you’ve seen the film before watching this video.

With that out the way I’m Deffinition and this is my ending explained video for Deadpool 2.

Kamikaze Cable

After watching his girlfriend brutally murdered infront of him, Deadpool is on a suicide mission. In the films opener, he attempts numerous ways to end his life but is unable to so because of his healing factor. Mirroring this is Cable, in the future, he too has had his loved ones ripped from him by the villain Fire Fist. Cable vows to kill his families murderer before he ever has the chance to take their lives and this kicks off the main plot.

Travelling back in time he hunts down Fire Fist as a child, before his powers had fully matured. Unbeknownst to him, the young boy and Deadpool have struck up a friendship and the two must battle one another asone tries to murder him whilst the other tries to protect him.

In their first confrontation, Cable takes a memento from Deadpool and this comes into play in the final act. This lead coin was from Deadpool and his Girlfriend’s first date and obviously has a lot of sentimental value for the merc with a mouth. As our protagonist’s friendship with Fire Fist shatters early on at a prison which uses collars to neuter mutant powers, the boy comes into contact with The Juggernaut. They bond and the duo team up in order to take down those who wronged him in his childhood.

After visits to the afterlife, Deadpool knows that he must find redemption by saving the boys life. He draws up an uneasy alliance with Cable as neither can take on the Juggernaut themselves and they work together as a team even though their goals are opposite. In the final act, Cable goes to kill Fire Fist but before he can, Deadpool jumps in the way of the bullet and sacrifices himself in order to save him. The character is wearing a collar that neuters his powers and as he is unable to heal he dies at the scene and is reunited with his loved one in heaven.

Deadpool 2 Ending Explained and what happens in the post credits scene

Deadpool on Deadpool

However, Cable realises this is wrong and travels back in time to place the lead coin where the bullet would hit so that it deflects. This still allows Deadpool to show he was willing to give his life to save Fire Fists and be the inspiration that the child needed in order to not become the villain.

This move has caused Cable’s time machine to be depleted of energy. He vows to stay in the present and help where he can safe in the knowledge that his family are now safe.

What Happens In The Post Credit Scene

The movie isn’t finished yet though and the post credit scene is arguably the greatest ever put to film. After the time machine is fixed, Deadpool is able to travel through time and write all the wrongs of his past. He ventures back to save his girlfriend from being murdered before completely shattering the fourth wall and murdering the version of himself that appears at the end of X-Men Origins: Wolverine.

I absolutely loved this reference and it gets even better when we watch the character travel back to Ryan Reynolds reading the script for Green Lantern and blowing his brains out so he could never make that terrible terrible movie.

My Review

I thoroughly enjoyed Deadpool 2 due to it’s crass humour, outstanding action scenes and overall charm. I was never a huge fan of the first film, however this rights a lot of it’s wrongs and there are several moments throughout that really shone for me. Josh Brolin was phenomenal and whilst I don’t think he topped his Thanos performance, the highly esteemed actor did an outstanding job in the role.

Deadpool 2 was a blast from start to finish and I can’t wait to watch it again.

deadpool 2 review and spoiler talk

Your Thoughts

Obviously I’d love to hear your thoughts on the film, so if you’ve seen it please let me know what you liked and didn’t like about it and if you tell me if you think the original is better.

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