Deadpool 2: Extended Cut Review (The Super Dupe...

Deadpool 2: Extended Cut Review (The Super Duper Cut)

Deadpool 2 Super Duper Cut Extended Edition Full spoiler talk review by deffinition as well as the baby hitler end credits scene

Deadpool was a film that was slightly inconsistent for me. Whilst I loved the gags, sick body horror and over the top gore, story wise it felt by the Numbers.

Obviously I’m aware that origin stories are often used primarily as a setup for what is to come and that they shouldn’t be judged harshly for creating a world and story beats for our protagonists to use in the future.

In fact pretty much every first film in a franchise is probably my least favourite across the board. Whether it’s Batman Begins, Spiderman, Man Of Steel and more, they all feel pretty by the Numbers and it’s rare that I choose them over their counterpart films in their respective franchises.

So, naturally, when Deadpool 2 got announced, I was excited to see whether it could fix the failings of the first film.

My First Reaction

After leaving the theatre I felt it definitely achieved its goal of besting Deadpool and overall had a fun ride with it. However, after doing research on the movie I was shocked to learn that quite a lot had been cut from its run time.

When an Extended Edition, titled ‘The Super Duper Cut’ was announced, I became intrigued as to what could be included and whether it would elevate the film.

In the past, Extended Cuts often enhanced films for me and in the case of Batman V Superman, even changed it from an incoherent mess to one of my favourite comic book films of all time.

Deadpool 2’s Extended Cut May not change a negative opinion into a positive one but what it does do is that it provides a plethora of new jokes, gags and even a deleted post credits scene that will have you leaving the film with a huge grin on your face.

More More More

Metaphorically I’d describe Deadpool 2 as a standup comedy set that has been edited for video. It’s tighter, has less awkward laughs and pauses and feels like what the comedian would present if they had the perfect night. In contrast, Deadpool 2 Super Duper Cut is a longer set with some jokes that don’t hit completely but also feels like the complete vision of the film.

Now, if you’re watching this you probably want to know ‘should I go out of my way to check out the super duper cut if I already own the theatrical one?’

Personally, I don’t think so. Whilst there is over 14 minutes of extra footage, some of it feels like needless padding that was cut from the movie for good reason. We get two scenes that follow Russell as he is brought to the orphanage and another that sees him tortured by the Headmaster. Both scenes flesh out the subtext that was mentioned in the original cut but are completely unnecessary to the overall plot.

These scenes were hinted at in the original cut and viewers were left to draw their own conclusion as to his troubled past which I think works slightly better than the confirmation we get here.

You aren’t really missing much by picking it up unless of course, you want to see the Hitler Baby post credits scene which is present here after being highly reported as being too offensive for audience goers to see in cinemas. It definitely is the perfect way to end the film and had me smiling from ear to ear as the Disc Menu came back up.

The Verdict

So, it’s a rather so-so endorsement from me. I picked up the 4K Edition of the film and was blown away by just detailed Deadpools suit was as well as how grim and gritty the prison scene looked.

It’s a beautiful movie that provides more of the same for hardcore fans. Whether you should pick it up depends on your tolerance for the character and if you weren’t won round by the theatrical release then you probably won’t be here.

I must admit though, I had a lot of fun with Deadpool 2’s super duper cut and it definitely is the only way that I will be watching the film from now on. However, it’s not worth the double dip and those who only own the original version will have more than enough to keep them occupied until we find out exactly what Disney decide to do with the franchise.

So, In my eyes, Deadpool 2 get an…


Your Thoughts

So, what did you think of Deadpool 2’s Super Duper Cut? Do you prefer it over the original and which film do you think is the best in the franchise?

Comment below and let me know!

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