Deepwater Horizon Movie Review By Deffinition

Deepwater Horizon Movie Review By Deffinition

Mark Wahlberg And Kurt Russel’s Movie On The BP Oil Rig Disaster

Check out my no spoiler review of Deepwater Horizon. Starring Mark Wahlberg, Kurt Russel and John Malkovich how does the film measure up to other disaster movies.

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Deep water horizon is a movie about the BP oil rig explosion that happened in 2010 and stars Marky mark, Kurt Hustle and John Malkosnitch

Whilst I normally hate disaster movies this one from the off is brilliantly paced, directed and acted and it deserves all of the critical praise it’s getting

The movie brilliantly introduces hows oil drilling happens by using a kid giving show and tell to demonstrate how oi is extracted, from the re we are thrown straight into the workings of an oil rig and life at sea.

It looks like proper hard graft

People getting facials from mud bukkakes

Proper hard graft

I couldn’t do it

Hardest graft ive ever done is me hair

Normally in films like the moments leading up to the disaster are boring and dull, like in  2012 before the world starts falling apart, its proper boring as fuck with John Cusack

However, in this they brilliantly build tension even when they are just sitting about a control room discussing things, I wish my meetings at work were this fun, but then I work in an all male brothel, so what can you expect

One of the unintentionally funny things in this is john malkovics accent, as it’s based on a true story I don’t know if the man he played spoken like that, but he talks like a toddler, I don’t know If he did that to make it so it looked like he shouldn’t be running an oil rig but he talks like

dat da bottom line

Mark Wahlberg is brilliant throughout this, he really humanises the main character and comes across as likeable and invests you in the stakes of the film,

I think he can be hit and miss often, I find Wahlberg best when he has a character to base his performance on rather than creating one himself, that’s why he excels in roles like lone survivor, this and the departed….however if he’s making it up himself, with poor direction, we get the happening

“are you trying to kill me”

“nooooo…..whaaaaaat…..I would never do that”

The film has a realistic tone to it that helps to enforce the danger for the viewers, whilst things based on true stories can often end up like braveheart, don’t watch that if you want to pass your gcse history exam kids, this one feels like it hasn’t been over fictionalised and the piece works brilliantly as a dramatization.

I can see why BP are PISSED about this movie, like PISSED, more pissed off than Kanye is everytime he listens to I hit it first

I hit it I hit it I hit it I hit it

Basically there are about 4 characters in this movie, they all wear shirts with big BP logos on, and theyre all absolute, complete, dickheads, like “uh what does this button that says do not touch do”

Proper inept, Id be pissed if someone made a movie about my company and it was this, this is like the super size me of BP

The thing is, when you drill, in a bp, you gotta……….drill in the holes…..make it air tight…..even if she doesn’t look like she can take it……cos that’s what a bp is

I stole that joke from south park


By the end of the movie I was totally gripped, I found it a brilliant adventure that sucked you into the world and gave you a feeling of just how terrifying being in this situation would be

Overall I highly recommend watching the movie, there isn’t really anything bad about it, it’s really eye opening and anti corporate and makes you wanna hashtag boycott bp by the end.

On a scale of San Andreas (shit) to Towering Inferno, I give it an Armageddon out of 10

So that’s an 8/10

Real fun ride that will have you gripped throughout

Ok so what did you think of the film, comment below, let me know, subscribe to my channel and check out my website at for more movie, game, tv and comic reviews….POICE


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