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Devil May Cry 5: Ending Explained Breakdown: V’s Identity, Nero’s Power & The Future Of DMC

devil may cry 5 ending explained spoiler talk review

Devil May Cry 5 is arguably the best game in the franchise so far and it stands as another knock out hit for Capcom in 2019. The game sees the return of Dante and Co and as they attempt to take down a powerful new demon. There’s a lot of things to unpack from the film and those who’ve completed the game may leave it with more questions than answers.

Throughout this, I’ll be breaking down everything that you need about the finale of the game as well as what it teases for the future.

This is full spoilers ahead, so if you don’t want to know anything about the ending of the game then I highly suggest that you turn off now.

With that out the way, I’m Deffinition and welcome to the channel where I play it so you don’t have to!

DMC 5 Ending Explained

When playing through the game, one of the biggest questions that you may have is, who is V? This mystery man possesses the ability to summon demons and this unique fighting style is one of the coolest things about the new DMC.

Throughout the game his identity is teased and as we progress we learn that he is tied directly to Urizen, the game’s big bad. It actually turns out that V used to be a part of Urizen and this is detachment explains why he is physically weaker than both Nero and Dante. There’s also a massive reveal about Urizen that ties into Dante’s backstory quite heavily.

Vergil Returns

This is because Urizen is actually Dante’s brother, Vergil who is, of course, a mainstay villain of the game series. It completely caught me off guard even though the Virgil clue is in V’s name.

In the early stages of DMC we see Nero’s arm taken by a mysterious figure that later turns out to be Virgil who was looking to gain power from the underworld. With Nero’s arm, he was able to use the power of Yamato to stab himself and create V.

From this point on Urizen begins to culminate power and become the villain of the piece. V, who is slowly losing his life force in the game eventually makes it to the point where Dante and Urizen are facing off against each other. Dante manages to defeat Urizen but in doing so, allows V to be reabsorbed into him and this allows Vergil to become whole again.

Vergil And Nero’s Relationship

At this point, Nero returns and Dante reveals that Vergil is, in fact, his father which, if you haven’t seen Star Wars before, is probably a shocking revelation. As Dante is generally a good guy, he doesn’t want Nero to have to kill his own father, so he steps in to take him down.

Nero doesn’t quite want to lose his father and so he steps in, sure that there’s a way to stop Vergil without killing him. This allows Nero to unlock the Devil Trigger and this creates a new form that allows him to stop Dante and Vergil from fighting.

It’s not over yet though and Vergil and Nero make a deal that if Nero can beat his father, then he will stop the underworld from coming to the real one.

Those who manage to defeat Vergil will see Nero, Dante and Vergil realise that the only way to stop the underworld rising is to seal the portal. The downside of this is that someone needs to be on the underworld side in order to close it from that end, which Dante volunteers for.

Nero tries to volunteer for the role but Dante states that Nero is more than capable of protecting the world now which is a big moment as he’s been pretty hard on the character throughout the game.

devil may cry 5 ending explained spoiler talk review

The End Of Devil May Cry 5

There’s a bit of a twist when Dante and Vergil both seal the portal from the underworld and decide to continue their feud there but this allows for the planet to return to normal.

Back in the normal world, Nero continues to travel with Nico and they set out to continue their demon hunting.

Back at Devil May Cry, Trish and Lady are hanging out wondering what to do when Morrison appears and tells them that he has a job which obviously hints at a sequel.

I can see this following Dante and his battle with Vergil in the underworld as well as the continuation of Nero’s journey. Obviously, we will find out when the next game in the series comes out which I can’t wait to play.

Your Thoughts

Of course I’d love to hear your thoughts on the game and what you took from it’s ending. If you enjoyed this video then please like it and make sure you check out my breakdown of last week’s other big release, captain marvel, which will be linked at the end.

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