Disney Marvel Considering Buying Spider-Man Fro...

Disney Marvel Considering Buying Spider-Man From Sony In New DEAL UPDATE

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Just when you thought the news front for The Spider-man Sony situation was all quiet, we’ve just had a new report come in that Disney is in fact negotiating with Sony over whether to purchase the entire rights to the character rather than constantly have this back and forth over the deal.

We have a new story coming out from We Got This Covered, so take this with a pinch of salt, that the studio are currently in talks with Sony over how much it would cost to just outright purchase the character from the studio.

The source of this story says that it’s the same people that informed the news website that She Hulk and Ms. Marvel were getting spin off shows and they’ve stated that Sony are looking for a completely mind blowing $10 Billion dollars for the rights to the character and his universe.

Disney reportedly have no intention of paying that and instead are trying to barter on the price if they can’t reach a new deal.

Spider-Man Back In The MCU?

Now we’re in with this story before it picks up a lot of steam but personally I feel like this may be another false article reported by the website.

Though Disney is no strangers to making big purchases like this as we’ve seen with how they bought Star Wars and Fox, it just seems like too much of an ask for one character. $10 billion is a ridiculous price and though I have faith that Spider-man is popular enough to make that money back it is a big big risk.

Now, you have to look at this from Sony’s side to, they have just said made their highest grossing movie in the studios history with Spider-man Far From Home which surpassed a billion dollars at the box office so naturally they will be feeling pretty confident and to me it seems unlikely that they would want to part with their golden boy.

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Spider-Man Sony Disney Deal Update

I keep getting asked what I think of the entire Sony and Disney situation and personally I do believe that talks are ongoing however I can’t see a deal being reached at this point till after the next Spider-man film in which Sony will have tested the waters with the character to see if he has enough legs, excuse the spider pun, to stand unconnected from the MCU.

Now outright buying the character does seem like the best way to kind of negate the deals and talks but the sheer price that you would have to pay is extortianate and Disney have enough hot properties on their hands that they aren’t really hurting without Spider-man.

The studio has had an incredible run this year with The Lion King, Toy Story and all of the Marvel Movies passing 1 billion dollars and I’m guessing that Star Wars will do the same so I don’t really think that they’re desperate to get him back. The MCU will no doubt go on to be successful either way and Sony probably wants to see how the character does fully at their studio so I’m not sure exactly how valid this report is.

Spider-Man Out Of The MCU?

Now we still haven’t had a full statement from Disney in regards to the MCU and how they will continue without the boy that way built up in the last movie to be the next Iron-Man so there is still potential that things are being worked out behind the scenes. $10 billion is a big ask though and I just can’t see Sony wanting to part with him at that price either as he’s pretty much the main thing that’s making money at the studio these days.

There have also been reports that Apple is intending to buy Sony but I haven’t given these any airtime because personally I just don’t think it’s true. There’s a lot of monopoly laws and Sony itself as a corporation is absolutely gigantic with division in film, music, technology and so on that it kind of seems like a rumor that’s gotten out of hand.

Your Thoughts

Now obviously I’d love to hear your thoughts on this report and if you think it’s true or not and if you do, do you think this is a good deal? Comment below and let me know!

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