Doctor Strange Movie Review By Deffinition

Doctor Strange Movie Review By Deffinition

Benedict Cumberbatch Is Doctor Strange

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The most  common question I get asked is are you a boy or a girl




So Dr Strange stars Benjamin Cumberland as Dr Steven Strange, Marvel’s newest and brightest super hero to hit the big screen. It follows his journey of discovery after losing the dexterity in his hands after a car accident. From the opening scene this movie is distinctly different from the usual marvel run of movies and has really eye catching visuals. I’m not really a big marvel fan, I find their movies to be to jokey, to me this tone kinda ruined civil war as the tense moments were undercut by hawkeye and blackwidow hitting each other but still being like “omg suck you off later”, I prefer dc because all of their characters are miserable and always look upset and I can relate to that (hello darkness my old friend), However, Dr strange finds the right balance between jokes and drama and due to this the characters are charismatic and you grow to love them.


The movie owes a lot to dr who and Christopher Nolan, it borrows heavily from batman begins in it’s early moments and then goes into inception at the end, it’s not blatant plagurism though as they really expand on the effects and towards the end of the movie the cgi is mind blowing, I genuinely think these might be the best effects in a movie ever, There’s a will they won’t they love story in there but it just doesn’t really have the gravity in it to make me care. Whilst Rachel mcadams is good she just doesn’t stand out or have any real point in being in the plot, shes not a damsel in distress which is good but it also means that she doesn’t get the screen time that she should if I was directing it, LADS LADS LADS. This isn’t her movie though, what we really care about is Benadril Cumberwatches rise in the dark arts and he knocks it out the park in his acting.


Another highlight is tilda Swinton


The most common question I get asked is are you a boy or a girl


She’s a “non binary” character that differs from the comics but still acts good as a mentor.


Originally she got a lot of flack because of the character being white washed. Why this is is, china is now the biggest market for movies, it over took Hollywood recently and now film makers are going after this, they want them big bucks,  this is why the finale of this movie and others released this year take place in china. In the comic Swintons character “im non binary because gender doesn’t exist or some shit” was Tibetan, china fucking hate Tibet though, so they changed it, bunch of facking racists, however she does a really good job in the movie and I doubt any hardcore dr strange fans will really care, probably cos theres about 15 of them in the world, you didn’t even know who he was till last week man you hipster.


Marvel have once again dropped the ball with their villains, mad mickelson is a great actor, if you’ve seen him in Hannibal or casino royale then you know just how evil and calculating he can portray people to be, with this though hes pretty much relegated to a guy who just wants to destroy the world, even though his motives are good he’s kind of just there……there are also some scenes that don’t really make sense, like if you give characters unlimited power through magic and then they get stuck in situations they should be able to get out of but don’t just to add drama it’s lazy writing, that being said though there are few of these moments and they are mainly tied to the teleportation which doesn’t get fully explained so there is room for lee way, Lee Way, he was me best mate at school….buh bum cha


Overall the movie is really fun and it will have you tripping balls, I am so stoned bro, to me it’s in marvel’s top 5 movies and I’m really interested to see what they do in future.


So from me it gets a




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