Doctor Who: New Year’s Special: Resolutio...

Doctor Who: New Year’s Special: Resolution: Ending Explained + Rest Of The Season Prediction

doctor who resolution ending explained review

Doctor Who is back with another new year special that leaves a lot to unpack from it.

Throughout this video I will be breaking down everything that you need to know about the episode as well as what it could have in store for the new time lord.

There will of course be heavy spoilers here. So if you don’t want to know anything about the special then I highly suggest that you turn off now.

But for everyone else, I’m Deffinition and welcome to the channel where I ruin it so you don’t have to.

Doctor Who: New Year Special: Plot Synopsis

After an enemy so terrible almost ravaged the world dies, Custodians of its corpse severed it into three pieces and spread the parts at opposite ends of the Earth in the 9th century.

However, this plan was foiled on the outskirts of York by robbers who murdered one of the custodians and caused a segment of its body part to remain in the ground away from the sacred shrine. These robbers were unaware of the quest and this stopping of the separation comes to fruition in the New Year Special.

After the body part in Sheffield is unearthed it causes the other pieces to reanimate. This alerts the doctor who is currently celebrating new year throughout the galaxy with her companions.

When she arrives at the scene she discovers that the Squid like creature that was revealed to be the specimen has apparently escaped into the city through the sewers and the main thrust of the episode involves The Doctor trying to track down the creature which is revealed to be a Dalek.

doctor who resolution return of the daleks

Return Of The Daleks

The Dalek has attached itself to one of the investigation officers named Lynn, at the scene and is now controlling her and her motor functions, using her body to complete its plan to take over the world.

The Daleks are of course the nemesis of The Doctor and have plagued the character for eternity. Normally they appear encased in their famous metal shell but this one is without one and infinitely more dangerous due to its ability to attach to humans.

Along the way, Ryan’s father returns, and our heroes discover that the Dalek was actually the first Dalek to ever reach the planet as a recon scout.

Doctor Who Resolution Ending

The Dalek reassembles it’s armour after regaining its gun and makes a DIY suit. With the Dalek being out in the open it has weakened and Lynn is able to detach from it. The celebrations are short lived however and the Dalek gets back into its suit in one of the best scenes in the special.

The Doctor explains that humans will always band together to fight against the Daleks and reveals herself as the Doctor which sends the monster into a rage. The Dalek reveals that it wants to summon an invasion army and escapes, battling the British army before flying to GCHQ to send the signal.

The Dalek said the power from all the WiFi, 4g, you name it. Millennials of the world despair but the Doctor confronts the Dalek head on and using Ryan’s father’s microwave to destroy the creature’s armour.

This causes it to take Ryan’s father hostage and puts the Doctor in a situation where she has to take it to the Dalek fleet. Instead she takes it to a sun going Supernova that strips it from Ryan’s fathers back with a little help from Ryan.

The episode closes with Ryan’s father leaving the group and the Doctor announces that they are going to go everywhere.

doctor who resolution ending explained review

Season Predictions

Whilst this is a happy ending it still teases the fact that the Dalek fleet is still out there in the Galaxy and though the signal was stopped. The other two elements of the Dalek were not and these could easily continue the journey that the main part did. Obviously this could be a huge part of the rest of the season and I can’t wait to see how this plays out.

Your Thoughts

So, what were your thoughts on the Doctor Who special and are you enjoying Jodie Whittaker’s portrayal as the iconic character?

Comment below and let me know!

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