DUNE 2020 FIRST LOOK! Brand New Images Breakdow...

DUNE 2020 FIRST LOOK! Brand New Images Breakdown + Plot Details Revealed


There’s just been a tonne of new images dropped on Dune.

The upcoming film is on December 18th and fans of the original 1965 novel and 1984 movie have a lot of things to look forward to.

Throughout this, we’re gonna be breaking down the new vanity fair article and giving our thoughts on how the film looks.

There may be some spoilers here so if you want to go into the film as blind as possible then I highly recommend that you turn off now.


Dune First Image

The first official image on the film dropped yesterday on the 13th of April. It showcased Timothee Chalamet as Paul Atreides and it certainly spiced up the internet quite a lot.

Now this was exciting because now only did we get an amazing tease of the film but it also highlights that the movie will likely not be delayed and that it will indeed hit its target release date of December.

Paul was surrounded by ships on what looked to be Kalladan.

It’s exetremly dark and moody and it looks like this will probably be the most authentic portrayal of the the book on the big screen.

When discussing this Timothee stated that the most appealing thing about all this is the amount of scale, detail and world-building that has gone into the film and that his character is going on a sort of anti-hero journey.

It was definitely enough to whet the appetite of die-hard dune fans and I saw a whole host of people discussing the first look on twitter yesterday.


New Images

Jump forward to today and we have a tonne of new images that have been showcased in a brand new vanity fair article.

These outstanding pieces all look like works of art and they really bring the universe to light.

Chalamet stated that the creative team have really transformed the vast deserts that they filmed in into works out art and that these huge goliath like landscapes are planets that you imagine existing within our universe but not on our earth.

The article goes on to discuss just how much the landscape was transformed into the dusty dry battleground of Arrakis. This planet is home the the galaxy’s most vital resource, the mind-altering, time and space warping.

Paul is to be a stranger in this land who is fighting to protect his hostile new home from the gigantic sandworms that burrow into the land.

Dune 2020 First Look

You really get the feeling of just how immense the scope of the movie will be here and there are a tonne of images ranging from Josh Brolin, to Rebecca Ferguson and Oscar Isaacs. I think that the star-studded cast really bring the Herbert storyline to life and it’s clear that they are giving the work a lot of love and attention, which it definitely deserves.

Lady Jessica Atreides

We know that Ferguson is playing Lady Jessica Atreidees and it is likely that these two will accompany one another throughout the film as companions. Jason Mamoa is also playing Duncan Idaho and Oscar Isaac is Duke Leto Atreides.

There’s a tonne of things to pick out in the images but I just love the overall scope of them.

Dune has often been said to be unfilmable and the cast are clearly taking this on board with the article saying that it wouldn’t be Dune if it was easy.

Director Denis Villeneuve who’s name I always get wrong has stated

“I would not agree to make this adaptation of the book with one single movie. The world is too complex. It’s a world that takes its power in details.”

World Building

So from this, we can take that there are definitely plans for sequels and it does seem like this movie will focus predominantly on world-building.

This is a series that takes a lot of power in it’s details and the director has said that he thinks Dune is more relevant today than it was when it was first created.

The way that the planet is changing and resources are becoming more and more sparse, it makes sense to focus on the youth that could exist in such a universe where humanity is almost extinct.

Chalamet has said that he thinks Paul is struggling to find his place and we did learn from yesterday’s information that he has a supernatural gift that allows him to harness and unleash energy.

So, you can bet that the visuals will be extremely unique and it will be something that we haven’t really seen before.

Dune 2020 Plot Details

We also learned from the article and his father Duke and mother Lady Jessica have taken the character from his lush, Scandinavian like homeworld to preside over the spice extraction on Arrakis.

They are then attacked by criminals and the characters then have to defend themselves from that point onward.

The director also explained the role of Paul’s Mother and said that she had sort of Jedi Mind Trick powers and could control people through her voice. She was very much someone that could manipulate the balance of power in the universe and was highly sort after.

However, she isn’t an easy person to takedown and when casting the role the studio wanted a warrior priestess rather than a nun.

Lady Jessica’s duty is to deliver a savior to the universe and it is likely that Paul will take up this mantle. She is training him along with his father and they wish to bring peace once more to a galaxy riddled with war.

There is of course a lot of other side characters and overall I’m blown away by the way that the movie looks.


Dr. Liet Kynes

Now there has been some controversy around the film with Dr. Liet Kynes who is predominantly depicted as a white man now becoming a black woman.

Denis stated that there was a lack of female characters in the cast and he wanted to write a role for a woman. He stated that Kynes is supposed to keep peace amongst the people and that women are very good at that so it made sense for him to change the gender up.

The book does talk politics and it does seem like they are aiming for that sort of direction with this release.

There will, of course, be a lot of cool things to look at too such as the Mentats which are humans augmented with computer-like minds. Two of these mentor paul named Jason Momoa and Josh Brolin’s character so it does seem like there will be a lot of aspects in the film going into Pauls character.

Our Thoughts

Overall Dune is a difficult book to adapt but I’m really excited by what I’ve seen so far, they seem to be completely nailing the tone and I’m very excited to see what the end result is.

I have seen a lot of people a bit wary with how dark and grim the film looks but honestly I like that. I know things like Blade Runner 2049, though excellent films, don’t tend to do well at the box office but I’m glad that they’re going all out with it and actually taking risks and making plays that aren’t necessarily the safe option.

The fact that the movie is trending on twitter right now does show that there is a lot of hype surrounding it and if it’s good, I can really see it taking off.

Time will tell but for now I’m really excited from this first look.

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