FALCON AND THE WINTER SOLDIER Plot Leak Breakdown | Full Pilot Episode Description And Series Story

falcon and winter soldier trailer breakdown

We have some really interesting leaks on Falcon and The Winter Soldier.

These have just dropped on 4Chan and subreddit Marvel Studio Spoilers and they bring a hell of a lot of information with them.

Throughout this, we’re gonna be breaking down the new leaks and what we think of them.

As always take leaks like this with a grain of salt but if these do turn out to be true then there will be heavy spoilers here.

With that out the way thanks for clicking us, now let’s get into the Falcon And Winter Soldier Plot Leaks!

Falcon And Winter Soldier Plot Leak

The leaks are broken up in several posts with them coming from both 4chan and the subreddit Marvel Studio Spoilers. Apparently certain members of the press have had access to rough cuts of some of the episodes, most notably the pilot and they detail a lot that goes on in them.

Apparently the series opens RIGHT after Endgame.

There is no Chris Evans cameo however but clearly his legacy looms large over everything.

The series starts with Bucky sitting on the lakeside bench, alone. Sam approaches him and asks Bucky what he’s doing there and there’s talk from Bucky that he was thinking about leaving with Steve. Ultimately we know he declined it but it shows that Bucky is ready to stop living in the past.

Sam offers Bucky a ride and Bucky asks if he’s sure about that given that “the two of them don’t have a good track record with cars.” He gets in anyway.

They drive for a while down a quiet country road, radio blasting and at one point Sam pulls over, and asks Bucky where they’re going.

Bucky answers “The future.”

The show then Cues the theme tune music, which is cut off by Sam asking “Okay.. but do you have a place to stay, dude?” Bucky says he doesn’t know and Sam says he has an idea.

We then cut to them pulling up to the house seen in the trailer. It turns out that it’s Sam’s family’s house, and they haven’t seen him since the Accords. They ask where he has been. Him and Bucky look at each other and answer in unison “that’s a long story.” which is when we Cue the real title card.

That’s the introduction and it does sort of sound like what I was expecting. I did say on my trailer breakdown video that I thought the house would be one of Old Steve Rogers but a lot of comments said that they thought it would be Sams.

This is because of the New Orleans setting which tied in with Anthony Mackie’s back story so this does seem to line up a lot with that and it adds a tonne of weight to it.

Now not only does this show us some of Sams past but it also gives him a place that people will be able to find him at.

Why Sam Doesn’t Take The Super Soldier Serum

Sam begins training and then General Ross shows up it turns out Sam is given an offer to be pardoned for his Accords violations and allowed to keep the shield and mantle but only if he undergoes the serum procedure. Sam is reluctant and says he needs time to think. Bucky, immediately wary of this agreement, encourages Sam to refuse, saying the shield isn’t worth outliving the people you love. This leads into Isaiah’s introduction- he calls Sam on a burner phone and they meet. Isaiah shows Sam photos from the serum experiments conducted following Steve’s “death”, many of which killed the test subjects and we learn that Steve was the only survivor.

Following Isaiah and Sam’s meeting, Sam declines the serum and turns in the shield, which is given to US Agent. As he undergoes the serum procedure, it is revealed the serum allows the recipient’s mind to be controlled.

Sam trusts US Agent to take up the mantle however, John Walker is unaware that he’s part of a bigger plan. U.S. Agent fights a lot like Captain America, however, he is a lot more brutal and he hits a lot harder with the shield.

They apparently do an update to the Star-Spangled Man With A Plan and even have a rap verse on it which I must admit I’m a bit excited for how bad this will be.

Sam and Bucky start their own missions for the government to repair their reputation, they’re lead by Agent 13.

Some want Bucky to serve life in prison and he’s haunted by his past. Publicly he is charming and witty but when he’s alone he struggles with his inner demons and doesn’t want to be used as a weapon again.

The only person he trusts to lead him is Agent 13 and he says to her that out of everyone she’s the most like Steve.

Falcon and Winter Soldier call themselves The Blip Brothers.

Sam begins Falcon Airforce training.

Now we did see this in the trailer as well and I’m not sure if this is a scene later in the show or if this is just part of the training. The soldiers did look like Hydra agents due to their colors however it could all just be a simulation as there is no mention of Hydra in any of the leaks.

falcon and winter soldier trailer breakdown


Falcon and Winter Soldier track down Zemo and take him hostage.

During this Winter Soldier comes face to face with him and Zemo tries to trigger him using the words, however, instead of going off Bucky just empties the gun in front of him.

They manage to capture him and it turns out that they are doing this in order to take information from him about a crime syndicate called The Alchemists.

These could become the big main villains and it is possible that this is who Falcon was fighting in the skies.

Now whilst we learn that the trigger worders were on the whole deactivated. The final trigger word was not.

The leaker says that many of the people who heard about the leaks online were pretty upset by the prospect of Shuri’s work being retconned. They just wanted to clarify it absolutely won’t be. The final trigger (as many of you have guessed, it is sputnik) which was never used as it was a worst-case failsafe. For this reason, Bucky never remembered the code nor was it in the code word book. Naturally, Shuri didn’t get rid of something she didn’t know was there.

The Ending Of The Pilot

Apparently in the show during a large and crucial battle, Zemo discovers this trigger word and it’s actually a deactivation code that just shuts the character down mentally. Zemo uses it to knock Bucky out instantly and though he is just unconscious, a lot of people including Sam think that he is dead.

Zemo escapes and then starts to play a more villainous role in the show.

In the wake of this Sam goes and gets the SHIELD back and he is once more confronted by General Ross.

Now we don’t have anything about US Agent stopping from being Captain America but obviously from the comics we know that he becomes US Agent so it is safe to assume that he does end up passing over the mantle.

Falcon And Winter Soldier Leaks Reaction

Now as for my thoughts on the leaks so far I’m very excited for the show after hearing these, they all sound like natural evolutions from the way that things were left at the end of Endgame.

A big problem that people have had is that Sam is doing a lot of this without the Super Soldier Serum and I’m glad that they at least acknowledge why he doesn’t want to take it.

Sam is someone that has always just been a normal guy and I think it adds a lot more stakes to the show knowing that he has to basically fight tooth and nail throughout it. There is a chance that he could actually die so this adds a lot of ramifications.

There are also rumors that Omega Red will be popping up in the show at some point.

The character is synonymous with The X-men so it is possible that they could finally be introducing Mutants into the MCU. From what I’ve heard about leaks on other films and projects such as Wanda Vision and Black Widow, characters from the X-men are slowly going to start popping up from time to time in the series and these will slowly build-up to the introduction of the main team after being dropped in different things.

Overall though I have to say I’m very very happy with how things are shaping up. The three Disney Plus shows that we saw teased at the Superbowl all have aspects of them that I find highly interesting and tonally they all seem to be pulling from different genres.

This definitely seems more like a spy thriller that is in line with The Winter Soldier movie and as one of my favorites in the MCU I’m very hyped to see if this carries over the tone of that here.

Civil War is a film that has massive ramifications here and that too was a big movie in the marvel cinematic universe that I’m excited to see have characters pop back up.

So yeah, very hyped I must say and hopefully these turn out to be true because I think the show will be great if they do.

Either way, we will find out in August when the series release on Disney Plus worldwide. That’s right U.K. we are finally getting it at the same time as everyone else.

Your Thoughts

Now obviously I’d love to hear your thoughts on the plot leaks and if you’re excited for the show. Comment below and let me know!

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