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The Reverse Flash Kills Barrys Mother

Flashpoint World of Flashpoint The Reverse Flash Review

Flash To The Future

If you’ve read my Flashpoint review then you know that I regard the graphic novel very highly. It features one of the best arcs that I believe the character could go on and delivers on every page.
Upon it’s release, DC created several spin off comics which centre around the side characters of the obscure timeline.
With this issue we see The Flash‘s greatest nemesis and how he created the situation that would eventually lead to Flashpoint.


From the off this book has a sinister feel to it. Rarely do we every follow a villain completely and the fact that this entire book is from the Reverse Flash‘s perspective adds a new level to the comic.
Through his inner monologue we are able to view his nefarious plot to travel back and time and kill his arch enemy.
I love the dumbfounded look that he gets upon trying to stop The Flash from being created. Up until this section the run had centred around his stalking of Barry. Waiting for the perfect moment to strike and end the Red Speedsters reign.
He realises that just before Barry gains his powers he is very vulnerable and conspires to stand in front of the lightening bolt. Making it so that he could never be. However just as the bolt is about to strike, Thawne blinks out of existence for a second, allowing the bolt to pass through him and he is then brought back.
The revelation that in order to be The Reverse Flash, The Flash must be created is a brilliant moment that really adds depth to their love/hate relationship. It’s a reliability that is seldom seen in comics and adds weight to the villains later motives

The Reverse Flash Stops Barry Becoming The Flash

You Need Me I Don’t Need You

Upon the realisation that he cannot destroy his arch enemy, Thawne instead sets out to ruin his life in other ways. He tests harming Barry as a child, this then escalates his plans to killing his childhood friends. Just to see if it will affect his existence in anyway.
It’s a really sickening plot when given more thought. Thawne wants to taunt the speedster to such a degree that he will murder children and innocents just to twist the knife a bit.
It’s a wicked method that I don’t even think that The Joker would stoop to and it really adds a villainy to the character

The Mother Of All Deaths

We ofcourse end the book on The Reverse Flash killing Barry’s mother and this creates the domino effect that would lead to Flashpoint.
All of these pieces lined up and delivered in quick succession really add weight to the book. It often feels like a ‘final reveal’ from a crime movie.
That moment when you realise all the clues that have pointed towards someone being a killer are now fully on show and this book is full of these ‘ah ha!’ moments.

The Verdict

Flashpoint: The Reverse Flash is a brilliant book and one that demands to be picked up if you are in anyway a fan of Flashpoint. Not only does it add a devilish tone to the Barry’s arch enemy, it also creates a back story that fills in several gaps on the the stellar main book.
This is a completely brilliant thruway into Flashpoint and is one of the best single issues of a comic that I have ever read.


The Reverse Flash Kills Barrys Mother

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