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Game Of Thrones: Fixing Season 8 | How To Fix Those Character Arcs And Make GOT Great Again

game of thrones season 8 how to fix all the mistakes and problems in the final season and episodes

The petition to remake Game Of Thrones Season 8 is almost at 1 million signatures and with the finale right around the corner that number is bound to skyrocket.

We know that HBO will never go back and redo the entire season so the internet has banded together to do it themselves.

Those who’ve been keeping up with the show will know that there’s several glaring issues with the way that some of the characters have been handled so many have took to Reddit to show how things should have been done.

Throughout this, I’ll be putting together the best fan changes to give you the season 8 that fans deserved.

This is full spoilers ahead so if you aren’t full caught up with the season then I highly recommend that you turn off now.

With that out the way I just wanna give a huge thank you for clicking this video, I hope you enjoy it, now sit back, relax and let’s get into my breakdown of how to fix the finale season of Game Of Thrones

Fixing Game Of Thrones Season 8

Ok so two of the biggest points of criticism with Season 8 are the bells ringing in episode five and the killing of Dragon Rhaegal out of nowhere by Euron.

Both of these moments felt like gut punches and were shocking for the wrong reasons with the two feeling very undeserved.

Redditor Tucko29 has come up with a way to combine the two to tell the story differently and in my opinion way better.

He said that Rhaegal instead should die during the seige of Kings Landing which is the big thing that pushes Dany over the edge and on the path to genocide. This huge loss for her ties the two together beautifully and gives motive to her madness.

This would really allow for the vendetta between Cersei and Dany and it’s just personal enough that you can understand why Daenerys ended up going on her rampage.

Fixing Jaime’s Arc

Another big thing that many fans feel that the creators got wrong is Jaimes arc with the character being reduced to a pretty pussy whipped brother. Reddit user Ecxettra edited together some images which tell his arc far better than we got.

game-of-thrones-jaime-arc-season-8 (1)

I actually think we should have got something similar to what was portrayed in the leaks. Personally, I think that Jaime should have rang the bells of surrender when he realised that all was lost and this would have shown he’s no longer Cersei’s slave as she no doubt would have disapproved of this. Jaime’s arc is thus complete and he has finally broken free of his sister’s control. Cersei goes back up to the top of the Red Keep which is when Dany attacks and the castle collapses killing Jaime in the process. However, this is unbeknownst to Cersei and later she comes across Jaime seemingly alive and well.

Jaime goes up to hug her but at the last moment stabs her and pulls back his face to reveal that it is in fact Arya and she has returned to fullfill the prophecy of killing one with Green eyes as The Red Woman promised. This would make so much more sense and also be a fullfilling end for Arya who has been after the character since season one. Cersei would get the big twist send off instead of the falling rocks that we got and overall I just feel like it would be better.

Bran Should Have Been The Night King All Along

In addition to this I kinda wanted to discover that Bran was indeed the Night King all along. Whilst the theory was pretty played out, it only became so popular because it made so much sense. We could have discovered that The Night King was a future version of Bran that upon reaching an age gained the ability to time travel and went back to the children of the forest and was turned into the undead. The Night King has been attempting to kill Bran this entire time so that he could stop himself from going back and living this life of endless pain and misery.

That too for me would add a lot more for the characters motives and I would have loved to have seen it. Obviously, this is all wishful thinking and something that we’ll never get but it would have been amazing to have played out that way.

game of thrones season 8 how to fix all the mistakes and problems in the final season and episodes

Your Thoughts

Obviously I’d love to hear your thoughts on these changes and if you prefer them or still enjoy what we got. Comment below and let me know and if you enjoyed this video then please like it and make sure that you check out my video of all the game of thrones actors being disappointed at how season 8 turned out which will be linked at the end.

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