Game Of Thrones Prequel Update: Bloodmoon Cance...

Game Of Thrones Prequel Update: Bloodmoon Cancelled & House Of The Dragon Announced

game of thrones bloodmoon prequel cancelled house of dragons announced and confirmed by hbo for new streaming service

Today we have some big news on the Game Of Thrones Prequel Bloodmoon as well as a newly announced one called House Of The Dragon.

Now in the wake of the end of Game Of Thrones Season 8, we did have confirmation that HBO were moving forward with a GOT prequel titled Bloodmoon that was starring Naomi Watts. This was reportedly going to take place five thousand years prior to the main series and show the creation of The Wall as well as the formation of the White Walkers.

As of today though we have confirmation that after the pilot episode failed to capture the interest of the studio behind it, the project has been scrapped. Sources say that there were multiple edits asked for the first episode but none of them really set the WORLD ON FIRE. Filming kicked off in Northern Ireland earlier this year in June but it seems that HBO wasn’t happy with the show and have binned it.

Bloodmoon Cancelled

Now, this could be in the wake of negative fan reaction in regards to Season 8 which has been pretty panned across the board with most calling it a poor ending of the saga. We also got news earlier in the week that showrunners D&D had their Star Wars trilogy cancelled which, yeah, great job for rushing season 8 to do that and it looks like behind the scenes everyone is restrategising to get the good will surrounding the show back.

House Of The Dragon

HBO did, however, lessen the damage of disappointment by announcing a new prequel titled House Of The Dragon which will be set 300 years before the first episode of Game Of Thrones. This is going to launch on their new streaming service along with a green lantern show as well as all of the DC movies from the past decade.

I dunno what it is with these prequels but hey, I guess they just wanna milk it as much as possible. We did initially here that three prequels were planned so this could be inline with that. This show, however, sounds like it may be a better direction to take and the series which has been co-created by George RR Martin and Ryan Condal is carrying the caption ‘Fire Will Reign.’

According to the Hollywood Reporter “The series is said to focus on the reign of Targaryen kings in the lead-up to the events of Game of Thrones” and that HBO will be “aligning the vision of the project more closely.”

Which is PR talk for ‘damn that last season sucked’

Martin has announced that There will be Dragons and fingers crossed this doesn’t get cancelled too.

game of thrones bloodmoon prequel cancelled house of dragons announced and confirmed by hbo for new streaming service

Your Thoughts

Now obviously I’d love to hear your thoughts on this announcement, if you were excited for Bloodmoon and if this is just another in the string of long line Game Of Thrones disappointments? Do you think the new show will Reign Fire or will it be another case of the BOREgaryans….dear me these puns?

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