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Game Of Thrones: Season 8: Episode 3: Ending Explained, Story Recap + Episode 4 Predictions

Game of thrones season 8 episode 3 ending explained recap breakdown and reaction

Game Of Thrones has just dropped first big episode in the season and this incredible Stark showdown is the best one we’ve seen since the other big Stark showdown this weekend in Avengers Endgame.

This is nailbiting 90 minute set piece really feels like some amazing pay off after a slightly slower start to the season and there are some big moments that arguably stand out as some of the show’s best.

Throughout this, I’ll be breaking down everything that you need to know about episode three as well as what it could lead to down the line.

This is full spoilers ahead, so if you haven’t seen the latest release in the season yet and don’t want to know what happens then I highly recommend that you turn off now.

With that out the way, I hope you enjoy the video, now sit back, relax and let’s get into my Ending Explained break down of Game Of Thrones, Season 8, Episode 3.

GOT: Episode 1 + 2 Recap

Ok so just a quick recap on episode one and two. Bran did his best impression of a mime, Jon Snow told Daneyrs he’s anti-incest because he discovered that having sex with his aunty’s…incest and Tormund did one of the best Got Milk Adverts of all time.

GOT: Season 8: Episode 3 Recap

Episode Three picks up immediately during the transition between the calm before the storm with the soldiers of Westeros facing down against the Wight Walkers.

We see Shaking Samwell Tarly arming himself with Dragonglass and the unsullied and Dothrakians are ready to Doth Wreck again. They are also joined by none other than the Red Woman, who states that she will be dead by morning but she too helps to arm the soldiers with fire weapons ready to light up the landscape.

It’s a battle of fire and ice and whilst it initially seems like the former may have a chance, the latter pretty quickly bests it and we realise that this battle isn’t going to be as easy as the last two episodes.

It’s pretty safe to say that this easily is one of the most epic game of thrones, scratch that, tv episodes ever made and throughout there’s some massive massive moments of action. However, the episode too brings in some pretty heartfelt pieces such as Sansa and Tyrions exchange in the crypt.

‘We Should Have Stayed Married’

You know things are bad when Tyrion says “maybe we should have stayed married” but it’s great that Sansa tells him that he was the best of them and that’s a compliment because there’s been so much competit…never mind.

This section also gives Bran a chance to go into full Raven Mode and using a murder of crows he begins approaching the Night King.

The battle rages on with The Hound facing down a giant and Arya literally throws the book at someone when in a library. We also get our first Dragon Vs Dragon, now this for me is the standout moment of the episode with Jon and Dany pretty much ravaging the Night King. Unfortunately for them he’s harder to kill than James Bond and we learn here that he’s fully fire resistant.

Game of thrones season 8 episode 3 ending explained recap breakdown and reaction

Death Of Lyanna and Beric

The major deaths from this point onwards come thick and fast with Lyanna Mormont unfortunately not getting to a point where she can star on my super sweet sixteenth and Beric is stabbed multiple times and it’s unlikely that he will return with the flame fully extinguished.

The Night King too has other plans and he ressurected countless numbers of the dead which is when the forces of Westeros slowly realise that they’re pretty screwed. Dany’s dragons flee leaving her to fend for herself, Jon has to retreat to Bran, Jorah is stabbed and Brienne is ravaged by Wights quicker than you can say ‘I’ve just become a Knight.’

It’s a pretty devastating moment that in true Game Of Thrones style feels like a massive gut punch for our heroes.

Bran returns at this point but it all feels a little too late with Theon having to sacrifice in order to buy some more time. Oh Theon, at least you got that last chance at redemption but yeah, see ya later pal.

Game Of Thrones: Season 8: Episode 3 Ending Explained

It looks like The Night King finally has his prize and the two engage in a staring match that it doesn’t even feel like Bran can win as the King approaches him.

Then out of nowhere comes Arya, stabbing him right in the gut at the last last second and securing the episode as one of the best ever. From here the Wights all fall to the ground, the battle is over and you can finally breathe again.

Unfortunately that doesn’t mean that everything is over and there are a lot of casulaties including Jorah who was willing to die in order to escape the friendzone. This was probably the most devastating death for me in the whole season but at least we will get to see the actor return as Batman in DC’s Titans which I’m massively looking forward to.

Melisandre, promised that she’d be dead by dawn and she doesn’t let us down, the character walks out of the castle gates and removes her cape and collar and walks into the snow, aging faster than we did whilst watching this episode.

Due to this the character dies because she no longer has a purpose. This entire time she has been trying to defeat the Night Knight and it’s likely that she knew all along that Arya would be the one to do this.

Those who remember their first encounter back in Season 3 will recall that The Red Woman stated that they two would meet again but that on the way Arya would close many eyes. This propechy is now fullfilled so Melisandre can rest.

Game Of Thrones Season 8 Episode 3 Arya Kills The Night King Reaction

Season 8: Episode 4 Predictions

However, that doesn’t mean that it’s a happy ending, and there are still some large questions such as ‘why did Bran disappear for so long?’ and ‘why has the show got rid of it’s biggest and baddest villain?’

Well, it seems that master manipulator Cersei hoped that this would be the case which is why she has stayed her forces. With Winterfell now in ruins, they will be an easy target for her Golden Company. Add to this the fact that Dany and Jon are now going to have to deal with who will get the Throne when this is all over and it looks like the Mad Queen procephy could come true.

Personally I think Cersei is ready to ravage the forces of Westeros especially with many of their big members now decimated by the Wight War. Whilst I’ve seen some angered that the Night King is no more, the show is actually returning to it’s roots with the showdown between the two sides and for me this makes for a more engaging battle especially with our heroes being in such a weak position.

Everything is building towards who will get The Throne and it doesn’t seem so assuring now that Cersei will be the one who is taken from it especially with the huge losses that everyone has faced from this battle.

Your Thoughts

Obviously I’d love to hear your thoughts on this episode and if you feel like it lived up to your expectations.

Comment below and let me know and if you enjoyed this video then please give it a thumbs up and make sure you check out my ending explained breakdown of Avengers Endgame which will be linked at the end.

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