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Game Of Thrones: Spin-Offs Explained | Everything We Know About What’s Next In The GOT Universe

game of thrones spin offs explained whats next for the show

Hate it or love it, The Game Of Thrones finale has been a big talking point over the last week and the end of the season left enough plot threads dangling that it opens up the universe to the possibility of so many more adventures down the line.

With three Spin-offs rumoured to be coming in the next couple of years I thought I’d break down everything we know so far about the new shows, their settings and what could happen in them.

This is full spoilers ahead, so if you haven’t seen the finale episode of Game Of Thrones and arent’ fully up to speed then I highly suggest that you turn off now.

With that out the way, I just wanna give a huge thank you for clicking this video, I hope you enjoy it, now sit back relax and let’s get into my Game Of Thrones Spin-Offs breakdown.

The Prequel

Ok, so the first show that we have confirmed is a prequel to the season called ‘The Long Night‘ though it would have been amazing if they’d just called it Game Of Throne. Fans of the show will know that the legendary Long Night saw the battle between the forces of ancient Westeros and The White Walkers over 5,000 years before the events of the main series.

This is set during a time period known as the Golden Age of Heroes and it shows the descent of Society into the dark ages.

Whilst the majority of the cast weren’t alive at this point there is one character who will make an appearance and that is The Night King. The series is set to tell his true origin story and will be set during the time period that the children of the forest made a pact with the First Men.

In the main series Bran traveled back to this period to witness the birth of the Night King and it’s also during this age that the stark’s ancestor Bran The Builder created The Great Wall and Winterfell.

HBO has also begun pulling together the cast of the show with Naomi Watts set to be it’s main star, though we all saw what happened to Ned Stark at the end of Season One.

She is speculated to be Nissa Nissa – the wife of legendary hero Azor Ahai, which I can never pronounce, who is the famous warrior that many speculated was reincarnated as Jon Snow.

In addition to this Miranda Richardson, Jamie Campbell Bower, John Simm and Georgie Henley have all been cast though their roles are not confirmed yet.

All in all I’m pretty excited for this and though it’s a prequel the show could shed a lot of light on the unanswered questions at the end of Season 8 and hopefully it adds more texture to the highly divisive series. The prequel is due to be released roughly around May 2020 with the pilot for the series already filming.

Hopefully, we will see this as soon as possible and with a budget set to match Season 8 of Game Of Thrones, it could definitely rival it’s original.

game of thrones spin offs explained whats next for the show

Arya The Explayra

The next spin off comes in the form of an Arya based solo show that fans are affectionately calling ‘Arya The Explarya.’ Those who’ve seen the final episode will know that she sailed West Of Westeros which I really hope is called ‘The Resteros’ as no one has been there yet and she wants to be the first one to map it.

Whilst HBO bosses are staunchly denying that they will be a show greenlit with programming Chief, Casey Bloys flat out denying it in an interview with The Hollywood Reporter yesterday, you can’t help but feel that if fans drum up enough support and interest that they would go with it.

I flat out don’t believe Casey and ask me again in ten years if he was right because this is too hot of a property to not do. Arya was one of the only characters that still remained popular after the finale so it would be a great direction to take.

Arya really came into her own in the final season and she’s still yet to shut those green eyes so hopefully the show is greenlit and we can see what the world is like far beyond Westeros.

The Other Spin-Offs

George RR Martin let slip that there were originally 5 scripts being looked at with the 5th being shelved. This means that potentially we could have four Game of Thrones spin-off shows down the line.

Hell, we may even get the petitioned rewrite of Season 8 which I’d love.

Your Thoughts

Obviously, I’d love to hear your thoughts on the spin-offs and what you hope to see in them.

Comment below and let me know!

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