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Gemini Man: Ending Explained Breakdown + Spoiler Talk Review & The BIG Secret Revealed

gemini man ending explained spoiler talk movie review breakdown

This episode we’re going to be breaking down Gemini Man starring Will Smith and Will Smith.

Throughout this, I’m going to be discussing everything that you need to know about the film as well as it’s ending. Make sure you stick around until the end of the video for my review where I’ll be telling you if this movie is The Fresh Prince of Rotten Tomatoes or more

Sorry, all you Will.I.Am fans out there.

Anyway, there will be heavy spoilers here so if you don’t want the movie ruined then nows the time to back out.

With that out the way I just wanna give a huge thank you for clicking this now let’s get into our breakdown of Gemini Man!

Gemini Man Plot Recap

Gemini Man follows Henry Brogan, one of the world’s best assassins that makes Deadshot look like a Stormtrooper. The film opens with him on a mission to kill a man aboard a train and whilst he completes this, due to the presence of a young girl in the cabin, he realises that morally he’s no longer cut out for the life. Disillusioned with the job and due to the fact that his emotions are getting in the way, he decides to take a step back and live life at Tony Stark’s shack in the wilderness. I heard they’re selling the house now cos of…nevermind…

Anyway, Henry is pretty much irreplaceable but against his boss’s best wishes he still decides to step back, later learning that the person he assassinated at the start was an innocent biologist. His former employees have literal eyes in the sky and decide that it’s time to take him down.

Gemini Explained

This is where we are introduced to Clay Varris, played by Clive Owen, head of a project named Gemini. As much as I’m sure Clay loves star signs and horoscopes the project actually revolves around creating clones in order to carry out their jobs of killing and billing. If you’ve ever seen a hitman movie before then you know the gist by now. I really don’t know why they can’t make a film about an assassin that isn’t about the agency that hired them turning against them. Anyway, where Gemini Man tries to diversify this cliche is that the company has created a perfect clone of Henry and they decide that now is the time to bring him into action in order to kill his prototype and his allies.


There’s flashes of the Metal Gear Solid series throughout the plot and this film is as much about feeling like you’ve had your identity taken away, as we see with the older Brogan, to feeling like you don’t really have one, which is reflected in his younger counterpart.

The movie has a really interesting aesthetic to it and early on it’s intense watching Henry being tracked down by a duplicate of himself who seems to almost outmatch him in every department. This leads to an outstanding bike chase and some great standoffs, especially one at night when the two characters come face to face and realise what’s been going on this entire time.

The De-Aging Of Gemini Man

Now, the technology behind the movie, which allows for a younger version of Smith to appear on screen with himself is really the film’s main selling point and at certain times, it looks very convincing, especially during the aforementioned night scene. However, during the daylight and when the two share the same screen, it falls victim to the uncanny valley and can be quite jarring. This is pretty much being marketed as a game changer but in all honesty, it falls short of Marvel’s efforts with Samuel L. Jackson’s younger version in Captain Marvel by far besting this.

It’s very much make or break for the movie and in the same way that Superman’s mustache ruined Justice League for many, this also will probably take a lot of viewers out of the action.

In the film’s defense, the acting is really on point and even without the tech being quite there for Smith, he still manages to portray a younger version convincingly. He really is one of our best actors and as usual, he nails the role and has a charisma that makes him still likable even though we know that he’s done a lot of bad things. Mirroring this the younger version of himself, Junior, too comes across as naive in a way that makes it hard not to root for him.

gemini man ending explained spoiler talk movie review breakdown

The Clone Wars

We learn that the target on the train used to be working for Gemini and we discover that the company has managed to create duplicates that don’t have emotion and therefore won’t run into the same moral issues as Henry. Henry sets a trap for Junior and confronts him, exposing the truth and also using apparent secrets about himself to confirm that they are duplicates. Now, this was a big tease in the trailer with the big mystery of the movie hanging around this reveal and if you’ve come to this just to know what that is then prepared to be disappointed.

The scene isn’t really in the film and it’s reworked differently from the trailer so that Henry just brings up things that they have in common. He says that they suffer from insomnia and are celibate due to the fear of losing love should someone discover what they are.

It’s a pretty big ding on the movie, especially if you were curious about this and almost feels slightly like false advertising with this being one of the main things that I was excited for with the film.

Gemini Man Ending Explained

Anyway Junior and Henry end up joining forces in order to take down Clay and Gemini but they are tracked by another clone who unlike them feels absolutely nothing. This is sort of the Metal Gear aspect that I was alluding to early with there being big similarities between the cloning of Big Boss into Solid, Solidus and Liquid. It becomes clear that Clay is just going to pump these out and make Will Smith make Men In Black Movies till the end of time and he reveals they are intending to make armies based on Henry.

Junior stands up against Clay and almost kills him until Henry talks him out of it, making sure that he doesn’t travel down the same path that created all of this misery. It allows Junior to truly gain his humanity and Henry instead kills Clay, taking the blood on his hands instead.

This means that the cycle has finally ended and that there will be no more clones produced and they are finally free from the attacks by Gemini. We pick up with Junior receiving a new identity, something that he can truly make his own instead of living in Henry’s shadow and he has adopted the name ‘Jackson’ which is Henry’s mother’s maiden name.

Junior says he’s going to be ok and we get the impression that they are going to develop a father and son relationship together which ends the film.

Gemini Man Review

But what did I think of the film?

Well, I think your impressions of Gemini Man will be based on how many movies like this that you’ve seen. It’s purely aimed at teens and I can see a lot of people in that age bracket enjoying it and finding fun through the film. However, I’ve seen this done a lot of times and with the slightly underperforming de-aging technique pretty much rampant throughout the film it makes it a bit difficult to be fully invested in.

Now, Gemini Man isn’t a bad film, it’s very competent and has some great action set pieces, however, it doesn’t quite knock it out of the park to be anything other than a technology showcase and another vehicle for Will Smith.

I was really hoping that this would be incredible but it falls slightly flat in some areas and just slightly under delivers, making it a bit meh.

Overall it’s a fun ride that you won’t remember this time next week but it’s still worth a visit if you’ve already watched Joker.

Gemini Man gets a…


Your Thoughts

Now obviously I’d love to hear your thoughts on the film and if you agree with my score or not. Comment below and let me know and if you enjoyed this video then please like it and make sure you check out my ending explained breakdown of last week’s big release Joker which will be linked at the end!

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