Glass: Ending Explained | Full Spoiler Talk Review

Glass: Ending Explained | Full Spoiler Talk Review

glass ending explained full movie spoiler talk review

Glass concludes the M Night Shyamalan┬ásuperhero trilogy that began with Unbreakable at the start of the Millenium. As has become a Signature with Shyamalan, there are a lot of twists and turns and throughout this video, I will be breaking down everything that you need to know about the film and it’s ending.

There will, of course, be heavy spoilers here, I mean come on, this is the guy who they had to invent the Spoiler Alert for, so if you don’t want to know anything then I highly suggest that you turn off now.

But for everyone else, I’m Deffinition and welcome to the channel where I ruin it so you don’t have to.

Glass: Plot Synopsis

The film centres around Mister Glass, played by Samuel L. Jackson, manipulating David Dunn, now known as the Overseer to facing off against Kevin Wendell Crumb, otherwise known as The Horde.

Glass, wants the world to finally accept that people with abilities exist. This is due to a number of rising phenomena that makes it clear that there are superhumans among us. Whilst the general public believes this to merely be a psychological condition, Glass concocts a showdown between The Beast and Overseer with the three meeting somewhere where the eyes of the world are on them.

After they escape the insane asylum in which they have been denounced they go to a building for a face off against each other.

glass ending explained full movie spoiler talk review

Of course, Glass is known for his terrorist attacks in Unbreakable so getting them to a location where they think that there may be danger there that needs stopping.

We learn in the film that Glass has the ability to look at Blueprints and instantly learn everything about the ins and outs of a structure which is why he was so talented at placing bombs and destructive devices in Unbreakable. Using this skill, Glass has rigged a building with cameras that will capture the epic face off so that the world cannot deny the superman’s existence.

Juxtaposing this we learn of a secret society of people that wish to put an end to Superpowered individuals no matter whether they are good or evil. Glass wishes to expose both them and the Superhero phenomena so that the world can no longer deny them which this showdown delivers upon.

Ending Breakdown

In the end, unfortunately, all three characters die, however, their sacrifices are not in vain with the world finally realising that those with incredible abilities exist. We see Casey Cook, David’s son and Mister Glass’s mother meet and discuss how though their dees may have been evil, in the end, they were justifiable due to the revelations that they brought forward.

Overlooking the whole terrorism and mass murderer thing that Glass and Kevin did, it’s clear that they have a point somewhat and that the people with abilities will now no longer be ignored or chastised say as they would be in something like the X-men universe.

My Review

Overall I can see why Glass is getting mixed reviews, there are a lot of elements that contradict the prior films and even this movie itself have some things that don’t gel. Casey siding with Crumb makes little sense especially for those who have seen Split and on the whole, there are a lot of things that don’t feel fully developed.

I remember when it was announced back in 2000 that Unbreakable was originally meant to be part of a trilogy and after waiting 20 years for the finale of it, I feel slightly disappointed. For every amazing moment, it seems like there is an equally bad one and there are just some things that don’t seem to gel properly.

Whilst those already fully invested into the universe will have a lot of fun here and it does tease a larger one to come, I don’t know how enjoyable it will be, especially with the three most interesting characters now dead.

Your Thoughts

So, what are your thoughts on the ending of Glass and where would you like to see the universe go from here? Would you prefer a prequel or to just scrap the thing entirely?

Comment below and let me know!

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