GODZILLA VS KONG Plot Leaks, Rumors, New Spoile...

GODZILLA VS KONG Plot Leaks, Rumors, New Spoilers & Everything We Know So Far

godzilla vs kong plot leak breakdown spoiler talk

Godzilla Vs Kong Plot Synopsis

Ok so let’s start with the official plot synopsis for the movie which sets the stage for what’s going to happen.

The story that was released by Warner Bros says the following in regards to the film.

Fearsome monsters Godzilla and King Kong square off in an epic battle for the ages, while humanity looks to wipe out both of the creatures and take back the planet once and for all.

Now obviously there’s gonna be a fight but there’s also a wildcard that has been added to it and that is MechaGodzilla.

Because the movie was already meant to have been released by now, the toys were fully in production and these revealed Mecha Godzilla and a Kong that will be wielding an axe like weapon which we will discuss in just a bit.

According to plot leaks from the test screening that were posted on Reddit, Mechagodzilla will be built from the bones of the giant skeleton from Godzilla 2014, just like how Kiryu was built in the Millenium films.

MechaG also has the brain of the remaining Ghidorah head from the King of the monsters which was shown in the post credits scene of the movie. This will be combined in order to control the other Titans and it will be the thing that humanity uses in an attempt to wipe out both creatures as mentioned in the plot synopsis.

This is apparently carried out by a company called Apex which I’m guessing is a play on the term Apex predator. They keep the head in their lab and have experimented on it in order to create a new weapon for humanity.

Apparently there will be a lot of sci-fi elements and tech that is similar to Pacific Rim and the universe as a whole will start to head towards this high tech, anime inspired universe.

So basically the film will centre around Kong challenging Godzilla and whilst this is going on the humans will make a move to take the two out in one fell swoop. There is reportedly a five minute battle between the two in which we don’t cut away at all to the humans and instead just see the two trying to kill one another.

Now it was rumoured that Godzilla himself would be slightly more than the one that we saw in King Of The Monsters and that he will have become King Titan Godzilla. However, I’ve been unable to fully verify this and it seems to be more of a rumour than fact.

There’s a brilliant thread on Reddit that I’ve compiled the majority of this information from which was brought to light by Sayaka who has been dropping tidbits on the film in the run up to it’s release. Again take this with a pinch of salt but it does seem to be quite conclusive and well thought out and put together.

Now these leaks do mention that Godzilla has a dorsal plate that is similar to King Of The Monsters and the fact that this has been brought up in the first place does make me question if the King rumours and the new form could possibly be in the film.

The leaks state that Godzilla at one point completely decimates a city and it is possible that this could be due to Mechagodzilla controlling him but I am sort of joining the dots there and guessing. This could possibly come early on in the film and it may lead to Godzilla disrupting the peace that Kong has lived with for decades.

Godzilla Vs Kong Plot Leaks and Toys Mechagodzilla


As for Kong his territory now is the Hollow Earth due to the radiation levels there. We learn in the film that the radiation on Skull Island became more and more limited over time which ended up with Kong’s lineage becoming smaller and smaller. This ties back to Skull island and helps to explain why this Kong was so big while his ancestors were smaller. So in order to remedy this he has been roaming the hollow earth for the nutritional value it provides him.

There are supposedly a bunch of additional titans here and ones that we’ve seen in other movies. New ones include Nuzuki who is a giant snake like Titan.

The human storyline will revolve around exploring the hollow earth and learning more about the Titans and the civilsations that worshipped and feared them.

Kong will likely be awoken by the attack carried out by Godzilla and this will lead to them facing off against one another which of course the humans will be privy to.

Now we do know that the film will ramp up to a final showdown that takes place in Hong Kong with the fight between the pair and that Kong will brandish an axe. The leaks state that Kong’s axe is not a simple axe, but rather more of an incredibly cool weapon that he has fashioned from a large boulder and a giant tree.

This is how he is approaching the fight and how the character will level the playing field.

Kong Vs Godzilla Fight

According to the spoilers, Kong will climb a building at one point and Godzilla will try and shoot him down with atomic breath. The battle is meant to be incredibly violent and epic and will be very violent. Godzilla will unleash his new powers that will overpower Kong a lot of the battle whereas Kong is meant to be quite basic in terms of fighting, relying purely on brute strength.

It will lead to Godzilla actually winning and beating Kong and though we are unable to fully confirm this, from all the leaks I’ve checked out, they do all lean towards this being the outcome.

This leads to Godzilla being King Of The Monsters and Kong being just well….poor ol’ Kong and not King Kong. After the fight is over the pair will be badly damaged and recovering which is when Mechagodzilla will arrive. As I’m sure you know with most VS movies, the films often end with a new foe being introduced at the last second and then the pair have to team up and put their rivalries aside.

Apparently the toys do not do Mechagodzilla justice and he has powerful energy weapons. He is meant to resemble the Showa design and does not have missiles for fingers.

Now the leaks go onto say that the pair do manage to beat Mechagodzilla but that one could perish in the fight.

Mechagodzilla Kills A Character?

Absolutely nowhere online have I been able to find whether this is the case so I’m still a bit unsure. Personally, if they were to kill one I would lean more towards it being Kong as Godzilla is where the money is and he is pretty much the one heading up the franchise. However, it is possible that they could pull the rug out from under us, kill Godzilla or perhaps not even kill anyone at all.

Now, these leaks are subject to change and it seems that the movie has been through several changes and screenings in order to reassemble the films plot.

However, these delays aren’t all bad news and according to the leaker, because of the additional time that has been granted, the CGI has massively been improved, leading to a much stronger film visual effects-wise.

Our Reaction

Ok so as a whole I think that the movie sounds really good and I’m glad that they’re pushing more towards the battle between the pair rather than the human drama which is something that I feel left the other two entries slightly underwhelming.

People just really want to see gigantic battles that ravage cities and I think it’s smart that they’re borrowing from movies like Pacific Rim in order to display these as it’s what people want to see.

Unless you really like the guy from Kick Ass which is fair enough.

Now, films like this always come down to their execution but from what I’ve heard and seen online from those that have had test screenings, the movie is delivering the complete experience in regards to Kong and Godzilla and it will be one of the most epic titan battles ever put to film.

I really hope the delays are worth it because it sucks that we’ve had several release dates for it but I’m guessing that Warner Bros just want to get everything right before putting it out there which is completely understandable.

Overall, there is a lot I enjoyed discovering whilst putting these leaks together and now that I’m almost fully caught up on everything I think I’ll be trying to keep you up to date with all the info on the movie as it comes out so definitely keep an eye on the channel if you’re interested in staying in the know.

Your Thoughts

Now obviously I’d love to hear your thoughts on these leaks, if there’s anything else you’ve heard and what you wanna see in the movie. Comment below and let me know.

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