Hacksaw Ridge Movie Review By Deffinition

Hacksaw Ridge Movie Review By Deffinition

Hacksaw Ridge

The Best Second World War Movie Yet?

Check out my review of Hacksaw Ridge. What did I think of the latest Mel Gibson Movie? Watch my video or check out my full review script below.


Hacksaw ridge is the story a desmond doss, a world war 2 medic who refused to waver his religious beliefs throughout the conflict between America and Japan and due to this faced ridicule, rejection and later legnendary status. Whilst the advertising of this movie has shyed away from pushing mel gibsons name to the forefront, all it says is ‘from the director of the passion of the Christ and brave heart’ it has to be said that he does a great job of directing the film and the Christian beliefs never feel too heavy handed throughout, initially I thought the film would be very clichéd with it’s depiction of the ignorant soldiers who surround doss and unable to understand his ideology, however they divert heavily from this formulaic path and develop almost all of the squadron into believable characters. Andrew Garfield does a brilliant job yet again and his depiction of doss is what keeps you hooked throughout. I’m not really religious at all but this film really hooked me in and like the people in the unit you begin to really respect doss’s ideology, this is a remarkable person who helped people on both sides of the war. Normally in ‘true stories’ there are a lot of historical innacuracies but the film never feels too far fetched. It has a dramatic change of tone once they reach the front line and the glorification of war and heroism that has been built up to that point gets completely shattered as we see just how terrifying the scenarios that soldiers are placed in. It’s almost at the level of saving private ryan and it really makes you fear for the characters and has you on the edge of your seat. From this point on the film is relentless and the second half flies by. Initally I thought vince Vaughn was terribly miscast but honestly, I was wrong, he does a brilliant job as the sergent and he compliments the rest of cast. Honestly, I haven’t really got a bad word to say about the story or the way it’s told, it’s not perfect, I would have wanted to know what happened to doss’ family after the events of hacksaw ridge but it’s not really something that can’t be solved by looking on Wikipedia. Desmond Doss was a true hero who did things his own way and this film does take a unique twist on the second world war in a way that we haven’t really seen so far. As you can guess I’m giving the film a really high score and I highly recommend it if you’re wanting something to see this weekend. Overall I’m giving the film an…




With the negatives being it’s resolution and slightly slower pace during the first half hour of the movie, which is to be understanded as it’s setting things up, so well done Mel, you old racist, congratulations on the film.

What did you think of the film? Who’s your favourite hollwood racist? Comment and let me know, check out my other reviews at deffinition.co.uk and subscribe to my youtube channel or ill knock you out. POIYCE

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