Halloween: Ending Explained Review (2018 Movie)

Halloween: Ending Explained Review (2018 Movie)

Halloween ending explained review spoiler talk for the 2018 movie

Halloween sees the return of Mute Mass Murderer Michael Myers. A complete retcon of the last 40 years of film, the movie places the madman in an Asylum where he has remained since the 1978 original film. After breaking free, the Serial Killer wrecks havoc once more in an attempt to kill Laurie Strode, however, she is no longer the quivering girl that she was in the original movie.

There is a lot to unpack from the film’s ending and throughout this video, I will be discussing the Ending of Halloween in full detail so there will be heavy spoilers.

With that out the way, I’m Deffinition and I ruin the movie, so you don’t have to!

Plot Synopsis

After murdering five people on Halloween in 1978, Michael Myers has been behind bars. Laurie Strode (played by Jamie-Lee Curtis) is conscious of the fact that one day he will escape, so she has spent the last 40 years preparing and training for his return.

Halloween ending explained review spoiler talk for the 2018 movie

Upon being transferred to another prison, Michael escapes and returns to town to finish the work he started forty years ago. We discover that he was freed by Dr. Sartain¬†in order to continue his rampage. Sartain was the successor to Dr. Loomis and wanted to see how Michael would react after struggling to gain any insight into his condition. He allowed two podcasters to bring Michael his mask to get a rise out of him and wanted to provoke the killer to react and remember his original attack. Sartain wanted to see Michael tick and whilst we never get a complete explanation for his actions, I believe that he spent so long in the madhouse that he became mad himself. Constant exposure to the insane and killers seems to have vastly affected his psyche and he struggled to view the world as more than simply patients. Sartain clearly admires Michael and when he becomes a killer himself, tries on the mask to see if he can get a glimpse into his world. This proves futile however and the character is eventually murdered himself which to me symbolises that Sartain no matter what would never be able to see and understand things from the killer’s point of view.

Killer On The Loose

Michael goes on a rampage and several people are murdered before Michael and Laurie finally face off against each other once and for all. Their final showdown contains lots of easter eggs and call backs to the original movie, such as the two facing off in the same room that had the cupboard scene from the original as well as Laurie disappearing when wounded which juxtaposes when Michael did it in the past.

During the confrontation, Laurie manages to trap Michael in a safe room with the help of Karen and Allyson, her daughter and granddaughter respectively. In preparation for his return, Laurie fortified her house and built a safe room into it in which bars and blockades could be put in place to stop people from entering it. Throughout the film, Karen has been acting weak and defenseless in order to paint themselves out as easy targets. Painting themselves out as bait they lure Michael to attempt to get into the panic room. When Michael is forced into it, Laurie uses the opportunity to trap him down there. Laurie fills the safe room with gas before throwing a flare in to set it ablaze. Michael apparently dies within the burning building and we watch as the three survivors embrace as they go to safety.

Halloween 2018 Plot Synopsis

What I love about the film is that it references the original in several intelligent ways. Whilst films like The Force Awakens are straight up remakes, this is a remake in an evolved sense as Michael Myers is purposely trying to relive the night of the first film. Things such as Allyson being in School and looking out the window to see Laurie there before she disappears are detailed down to the fact that Allyson is even attending the same lesson that Laurie was in 1978 and the easter eggs in every scene are simply astounding.

Your Thoughts

So, what did you think of the ending of Halloween? Did you enjoy it and do you think Michael Myers will return? What’s your favourite Halloween movie? Is it Halloween, Halloween or Halloween? Comment below and let me know!

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