HALLOWEEN KILLS Plot Leak Breakdown | Full Movi...

HALLOWEEN KILLS Plot Leak Breakdown | Full Movie Story Details Leaked From First Screening

Halloween Kills Leaks and Spoilers

This video we’re breaking down the plot leaks for Halloween Kills.

The movie was screened for select audiences at the start of the year but due to NDA’s and the threat of Michael coming to get you if you spoil it, things have remained a secret.

However, I have recently had someone contact me that has a lot of information on the screening and what happens in the film itself.

Throughout this, we’re just gonna be going through the main plot points in the movie and giving our thoughts on them.

There will of course be heavy spoilers here so if you don’t want anything ruined then I highly recommend that you turn off now. Like always plot leaks like this should be taken with a grain of salt but they do come from a very reliable source which I’ll discuss in just a bit.

With that out the way, thank you for clicking this, now let’s get into the breakdown.

Halloween Kills Plot Leaks

Ok so this message comes from someone I’ve known for a while now that I speak to quite regularly. I really don’t think that they would lie to me about it because I’ve known them for so long and I do trust what they’ve told me.

They work within the industry so I highly doubt that they would just message me out of the blue to tell me some fake leaks. I do get sent leaks for films on a weekly basis but I never report on them purely because people be trolling and you things get sent out all the time that ultimately turn out to be untrue.

Halloween Kills Plot Leaks Breakdown

If you’ve been following the channel for a while then you’ll know we leaked Avengers Endgame, The Game Of Thrones Finale, Joker, Birds Of Prey, Terminator Dark Fate and a tonne of other things correctly because we tend to scrutinize things before posting.

So, long story show I do trust this leak and we’ve discussed some of the major parts of the movie so that you get the best idea of what the plot is overall.

Halloween Kills Opening

As for the movie itself, we open with a flashback that actually has Loomis in it. This is showing his encounter with Michael on the lawn after the events of the first film.

Loomis tries to talk with Micahel, to understand him in some ways but before he really gets an answer the police arrive and capture him.

Now to me, this is definitely an essential scene, I know when watching the 2018 retcon/sequel that I had a lot of issues with Micahel just being captured off-camera and then ending up in the asylum.

It felt like something that we needed to know especially with the cliffhanger of the 1978 film, so yeah, really glad this is how they start the film as it fills in one of the big problems that I had with the 2018 movie.

From here we cut immediately to Michael escaping from the house at the end of the prior movie. This has already been shown in promotional images for the film so we know that he does get out of the house and travel back to Haddonfield.

Now one of the big plot points from the prior movie that is dropped for this film is the teaser with Allyson which happened in the closing scene.

The movie ended with Allyson tightly holding onto a knife, perhaps indicating that she in some ways could be becoming similar to Michael. This is an aesthetic that we have seen appear throughout the franchise, most notably with Jamie who, depending on what film you watch was going to become the next version of the shape.

That teaser isn’t apparently developed that much in this film and though that may be disappointing, I do believe that they are saving it for the following film, especially after the ending of this movie which I’ll get into in just a bit.

Halloween Kills Leaks and Spoilers

Haddonfield Memorial

Laurie is taken to Haddonfield Memorial Hospital. This is, of course, riffing off the original 1981 Halloween 2 movie and it’s a location that was also shown in leaked images for the movie, so we know this is definitely an area that we will be revisiting.

Apparently there is no final showdown here for the movie but it is highly likely that it will be in Halloween Ends as an area where the two face off against one another.

Now, what makes this even more interesting is that Marion works there and Brackett is also a security guard.

This, of course, ties into the first film and it’s definitely something that I loved reading when seeing what the leaks were. It just feels like it’s bringing everything full circle and as someone that was initially a bit wary about seeing more Halloween sequels, I’m glad that they’re tying it all together in a way like this.

Apparently Laurie is there for the majority of the movie as she heals and also deals with the trauma of what she has just gone through again.

The psychological side of Laurie was arguably one of the most interesting aspects of the reboot and apparently it will be further developed in this film.

Tommy, Lindsay, And Karen

Further characters return including Tommy, Lindsay, and Karen and after Marion gets in touch with them they all meet up at a bar which the triplets are singing at.

Michael is of course still on the run and after the first has been extinguished and no body was found, they know that the character is still out and about in Haddonfield.

Inspired by Laurie and what she’s been through they decide that they need to stop Michael no matter what and they rally the town together to hunt him down.

Grab your pitchforks guys we’re going hunting yay.

As you can probably guess they have a couple of run-ins with the characters, there’s a big slaughterfest and Michael does what he does best whilst the townsfolk feel the full wrath of The Shape.

This is meant to be the biggest spree that Michael has ever gone on and reportedly the film really earns the ‘kills’ in it’s title.

Michael Myers Kills

It’s a complete blood bath with Michael stealthily hunting people from the shadows.

Apparently it apes the scene from the 2018 version in which Michael traveled door to door killing people like some twisted Jehovah’s witness. It’s meant to really elevate the villain to the stature that he once was and no one seems to be able to stop him.

The movie ends with Karen rushing to a phone in order to call her mother and warn her that Michael is out and that he’s probably coming for her.

Out of nowhere Michael appears and kills her and Laurie can hear her daughter dying on the other end of the line.

I’ll admit it’s bad but I once got a call from someone asking if I’d been in a car accident when I hadn’t….so could be worse.

Anyway, Laurie is of course horrified and to make matters worse, Michael then picks up the phone and breathes into it, letting her know that he’s out there and he’s going to find her.

The movie then cuts to black on this massive cliffhanger and we’re left knowing that Laurie has one hell of a night ahead of her for Halloween Ends.

Halloween Kills Ending Explained

Now, as I mentioned earlier, not much happens with Allyson and I believe that this is because they’re saving the whole knife thing for the next movie.

Allyson’s mother and father have both been killed by Michael so I really think that they are building to her going off the deep end and embracing the dark side in order to take him down.

It makes sense that they would delay her arc until the final film in the franchise and I think that in the long run we will be glad that it all played out this way.

I think it will really bring Laurie and Allyson together to fight Michael for the next film as they will both have this shared grief and out of the three if one of them had to go to raise the stakes, then it does make sense that it’s Karen.

Halloween Kills Leaks Reaction

Ok so what did I think of the leaks?

Well as I’ve said I do trust my source and by the sounds of it these all make a lot of sense so I can see it playing out like this for the movie.

I absolutely love the tie backs to the original movie and also the fact that they’re sort of riffing on elements of Halloween 2. I’m glad they’re also dealing with some of the plot holes that I felt were in the reboot as it pretty much makes most of my complaints about it null and void.

This sounds like a really exciting entry for me and there’s just so much that I absolutely loved whilst reading it that it’s got me so hyped for the film. It’s releasing at a time that I really doubt it will be delayed as with other movies that are dropping like flies at the moment.

So I am very very excited about it.

It feels like a great evolution of the threat of Michael as well as all of the things that Laurie is going through and it also creates a lot of motivation for Allyson to go head to head with him.

Overall I’m very very excited for this film to drop and being someone that goes back and forth with the Halloween franchise over the years this has got me hyped.

I’m saying back and forth because let’s face it there’s still been more bad movies than good ones at this point. Don’t @ me.

So this really feels like it’s getting the franchise back on track after the prior movie started to steer it towards the right direction and I can’t wait to see what’s around the corner with it.

Halloween is back as is Micahel Myers and here’s to another year of the boogeyman painting the town red literally.

Your Thoughts

Now obviously I’d love to hear your thoughts on the leaks and if you’re more or less excited for the movie.

Comment below and let me know!

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