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Happy Death Day: Full Movie Story Recap & Ending Explained In 4 Minutes | Road To Happy Death Day 2U

happy death day full story recap and ending explained spoiler talk breakdown

With the release of Happy Death Day 2U right around the corner I thought I’d go back and check out the original film to bring you up to speed with the story as well as it’s ending.

There will be heavy spoilers here, so if you don’t want to know anything about the movie, then I highly suggest that you turn off now.

But for everyone else, I’m Deffinition and welcome to the channel where I watch it so you don’t have to!

Happy Death Day: Story Recap

We follow Theresa, or Tree as she’s known to friends who wakes up in the dorm room of a classmate named Carter to discover it’s her birthday. Tree is a self-centred party girl that spends the majority of her life getting wasted at University and being rude to all her friends and family. She ignores a call from her father, completely ignores Carter and throws away a cupcake given to her by her housemate Lori.

She’s having an affair with her Professor, Greg and is pretty much the definition of White Girl Wasted 24/7. Tree is pretty unlikable so, when she gets lured into a tunnel and murdered by a mystery man wearing a mask of the University’s mascot, it seems like this is gonna be another who-dun-it murder movie.

However, things take a twist when Tree wakes up back in Carter’s bed and discovers that she is living the day over again similar to shows like Russian Doll and movies like Groundhog Day.

Happy Death Day Time Loop Explained

This time Tree avoids the tunnel and makes it to her birthday party. Celebrations are short-lived though when Tree is murdered once more by the masked man and she wakes up back in bed, realising that she is stuck in a time loop.

No matter what she does, the killer always finds a way to get her and, after getting some advice from Carter, Tree decides to use the loop to her advantage and to find out who the killer is before she potentially ends up on her last loop.

happy death day full story recap and ending explained spoiler talk breakdown

This is because Tree begins to retain damage from her prior deaths so it looks like things are only gonna get worse.

Through the film, Tree learns to correct her self-loathing, attitude and relationships, most notably the one that she has with her father. We learn that years ago her mother died and this drove a wedge between them. She seems to have really grown as a person and then the movie looks like it’s about to wrap up when the character discovers that John Tombs, a serial killer is being held at the campus Hospital.

Happy Death Day Ending Explained

She concludes that he is her murderer and rushes to the hospital to stop him from escaping and killing her. In attempting this, Carter is killed and Tree realises that she must kill herself in order to save him.

She wakes up again the next day and seems a lot happier after solving her murder. She ends her affair, meets up with her father and traps and kills Tombs in the hospital, ending the day by celebrating with the cupcake given to her by Lori.

But something goes wrong and Tree wakes up still trapped in the loop. She returns to her room and once again takes the cupcake from Lori. It’s at this point that she realises that the last loop was the only time that she had eaten it and due to this, died in her sleep.

We find out that Lori was the true killer the entire time and had not only poisoned the cupcake but she had also used her job as a nurse to frame Tombs from her murder. Tree tells Lori that she will take the cupcake to the police but before she can she is attacked by Lori. We learn that Lori too had been having an affair with Tree’s professor and that this jealousy as driven her to murder.

A huge fight breaks out and Tree manages to stuff the cake down Lori’s throat before kicking her out of a window to her death.

Tree saves the day, sleeps with Carter and wakes up in his bed after finally making it to tomorrow and ending the film.

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So, what were your thoughts on the original Happy Death Day and are you excited for the new movie?

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