HarmonQuest Review By Callum Cieciala

HarmonQuest Review By Callum Cieciala

Harmon Quest Review

Harmon Quest Review

Liking Dungeons And Dragons Doesn’t Make You A Loser…..

I want to preface this with, I think I’m cool, I do cool things, I go to cool places, I eat cool food, I’m not a loser… I think.


But dungeons and dragons gets me hyped!! Fantasy role playing board games are so fun. I love being a dungeon master and I love playing as a character. A world where anything can happen and if I want to waterboard a goblin for information, well you damn well bet I’m gonna roll dice til I make it happen.


So when this format comes to television, it can be a little difficult to get right.
But when it is done right, it’s the best thing ever. LETS QUEST!!!
Harmonquest is a 10 episode series created by Dan harmon (community, rick and Morty) shown on SeeSo as an original production.
The series follows dan and his friends on an adventure in front of a live tv audience mixed with high quality 2d animation for the more action packed scenes.

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Bored Of The Rings?

For reasons this is 100% not Dungeons & Dragons. There’s a game master, called spencer, who is brilliant at what he does, knows the rules, the do’s and the don’ts, and sometimes just lets whatever happens happen.

I don’t want to spoil the story, but it’s your classic, something goes wrong and they need to go on a quest to fix it. The story’s is great, but it’s not the most important aspect. What I think is the most important aspect is the relationship between the cast, they play so well off each other that the story flows naturally.

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An added bonus to the scenario is that every episode they have a guest appearance from someone you may or may not recognise. Which adds a real dynamic to the group.
They are all subsequently killed off, spoiler alert.
All in all it’s a refreshing take on an old board game, an old concept and they’ve nailed it. The mix of visuals the witty writing and banter between friends. I wish I had discovered this late and there was 8 series to catch up on, so I could spend all weekend binge watching it, but alas I have to wait. I NEED MORE.
Deff, the main man, wants me to give you a lil sumthin sumthin as a breakdown, so here goes.




Not enough episodes
The episodes aren’t long enough
If you want to watch the first episode it is available on YouTube.

If you’ve seen Harmonquest and looking for more similar stuff then I highly recommend watching yogsquest on YouTube, there’s a few series of it and it’s just as good.

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